Rant!! SA/preordering

  1. I went to the cruise trunk show in the middle of october and waitlisted for the hollywood hobo...at the time I asked the SA, who I've never worked with before, to be sure to notify me once it came in and to NOT ring up my CC automatically. She said of course not.

    I received a call from her over the weekend, but I was out of town and didn't try to return her call until this week. I called the store easily THREE TIMES (the direct line to the C boutique in Saks) and never got an answer.

    Well just about a half hour ago, we get a knock on the door - 10:30 at night??? - and it's FedEx dropping off this enormous box, with you guessed it, the hollywood hobo packed inside. NO receipt, just the bag in its box (which is creased and buckled btw). Yeah, I have NOT been anticipating a $4K+ charge on the credit card that I've been using all week for Christmas presents, and I am NOT happy that she only tried to contact me one time before sending this item out. I have no clue if a shipping charge was tacked on, as the shipping label indicates it came from NYC, or what.

    You had better believe that I'm marching over there tomorrow bright and early to return this bag!!! GRRR!!! Sorry for complaining, but I'm really just shocked. I've heard some other PFers rave about this SA before and I'm just SHOCKED to have gotten this kind of service. :cursing::cursing::cursing:
  2. Oh that's just terrible!!! That is WAY too expensive a bag for an SA to just ship out without confirming with you first. Not to mention, what if you had been away on vacation and weren't home to receive the bag and it sat on your doorway for days?!
  3. that would have been the icing on the cake, for sure. we're actually leaving again for the weekend so that could have been a very strong possibility!

    i had to run over to the shoe forum to put myself in a better mood :p
  4. I'd be pi$$ed if an SA did this to me, with out my permission.
  5. I'm so sorry she did that! That is TERRIBLE customer service & I'm baffled as to how she can think that she would get away with it. Hope you get things straightened out to your satisfaction.
  6. WHOA. If $4,000 was charged on my credit card unexpectedly, I would be SO pissed!
  7. WoWsah... I hope these SA's don't have a sales criteria they have to meet..i.e. Sales Goals. Because I've noticed w/ a lot of sales positions.. they are cramming in business to make #'s by the end of the year.

    But, seriously... a 4K charged w/o confirming.....

    I'd say shes gone a lil' ..
  8. Wow...that's not good service at all. I have noticed that SAs are really pushing you to buy these days. As soon as you mention that you like a bag, they are jumping all over it and shipping it in for you to see. Next thing you know, you go home with a new bag in hand and a couple of thousand dollars broke. Yikes!
  9. Yikes! That's awful. I'm curious about what they're going to say when you return the bag -- a lot of apologies are in order, at least.
  10. I went to the store as soon as it opened. The SA who did the..."Charge Send" haha...was not there that day, unfortunately, so one of the general floor SAs took my return. I was sick so spent more time blowing my nose and coughing than complaining :shame: but I did mention several times how unhappy I was to just have this item shipped out to me without notification. Luckily there was no problem with the return, since the transaction showed up on the computer.

    Now here's a question - the SA in question did ring this up during the EGC. I received the $450 card. Is this going to be valid for use, or do I need to return it, since I already returned the bag? (I don't shop too often at Saks, so I've never encountered this situation)