*rant* retrack feedback? dream on!

  1. I just received an email from this seller who once sold me a replica Fendi. It looked alright, until I received the bag and it smelt awful, nothing like real leather would.

    Because the seller gave me a refund, I left a neutral, but stated very very clearly that the bag was a replica. Now I receive an email from eBay stating that the seller wants to retrack the feedback.

    NO WAY SUCKER!!! You sell fakes and there is no wayy I am helping you continue your scam! :cursing::cursing:
  2. Right on! Glad that you're sticking to your guns.
  3. I think that's awesome that your not giving in!!!!
  4. I really wanna leave negative feedback... especially since the reply to the feedback I left was "Bag is real. Buyer didn't want to pay 10% fees"
    LIke hell yea! Of cos I'm not gonna want to pay 10% fees when I find out I've been scammed!

  5. Hopefully, at least the netural will save a few people from bidding on future items. I always look at these comments, and in most cases, if the seller writes a response that the bag is real, after receiving a netural or negative feedback, I would probably not take a chance and buy an item if I am not familar with the seller, and would stay clear.
  6. I think you can add a response to the feedback. I've never done it, but I've seen it done.
  7. you can leave a response to the feedback...go to feedback fourm ...there you can leave under respond to feedback left, or feedback reply...Right On!:yahoo:
  8. Good for you!!

    It's people like you that help other bag lovers steer clear of eBay sellers trying to sell fakes!! :flowers:
  9. Good for you! Let this scammer be exposed for their illegal activities!
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