RANT~!!!! repair

  1. The other day I took off a bracelet that I wear everydaY to clean it and the safety clasp broke...SO I as my jeweler lives in Chicago I sent it UPS and it cost me $200....(that freaked me out right there...but needs must kind of thing...SO we repairs it and I get it back today!!! The clasp is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tight I can not get it open!!! The damn thing broke my thumb nail off then the end of it bust off the bracelet itself...so there I sit with like 8 diamonds in my hand and a braken bracelet...AND he charged me $200 for the repiar. SO $400 and Im still screwed. Im so pissed.
    Picture 001.jpg
  2. For heaven's sake how much effort does it take to check the clasp after a repair job-this person needs a:noggin: BIGTIME! They should have made certain that it was done properly. You need to speak to them and have them make good on it (NO CHARGE) and then find someone local for anything in the future. Ask around for rec's - probably someone on the board knows someone in your area.

    The pic is blurry but I'm thinkin' that's a pretty bracelet!!
  3. It a beautiful bracelet...and I LOVE MY jeweler...that is what kills me!!! Both my SIL and I have had him design our wedding rings and also earrings, other bracelets, necklaces etc...out rolex's....its just a shame. DH just looked at it and was like WTF!!! Oh well...its only material in the end.. :sad:
  4. nah, you need to tell him and get your money back. If he is a good jeweler, he will refund your money. Sorry to hear that happened to you :cry:
  5. Yeesh. If he's a good jeweler he should refund. That's insane.

    That bracelet is freakin' gorgeous though!
  6. I hate when things like that happen. Talk it over with him...it may turn out better than you imagined it would.
  7. That jeweler must be the worst jeweler ever!!!! How dare he charge you up to $400 when he did a bad job!!!
  8. Ooops sorry, I didn't read your post #3, that jeweler is one of your favorites. You should try to talk to him and get your money back.
  9. i'm so sad about your beautiful bracelet! and your poor jeweler...everyone makes mistakes...i guess on the bright side, it's good this happened to a long time customer instead of a new one so it doesn't hurt his reputation. i'm SURE he'll make it right and i hope you get it back SOON!! :smile: