Rant: Procrastinating husband -- now my gift is sold out!

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  1. I searched and searched the Internet for a great price on diamond earrings. I even found an additional coupon for 15% off. I showed this to him Sunday afternoon and he didn't feel like buying them at that time, even though I told him they would probably sell out. He said he would do it today. Well, lo and behold, the earrings at that price point are now sold out and the next ones are either $100 more or I will have to get the smaller ones for almost the same price that we would have paid yesterday. :crybaby:

    I am so P*ssed off that he procrastinated and didn't buy them yesterday, because now this additional $100 puts the earrings out of our agreed upon budget. :cursing:

    Any suggestions? I really don't feel like researching anymore for my own gift. Part of me wants to tell him to do the research myself but I don't want to wind up with something I don't want! And he has no idea where I was looking on the Internet.
  2. Wow... that is super-irritating. I know the feeling. Maybe if this is a regular thing for him to do, you can just agree that you do your own Christmas shopping? Husband and I basically do that... he wanted the Nintendo Wii for Christmas, and pre-ordered it himself... I wanted a Nanette Lepore skirt, got that for myself. Sometimes it's easier that way, though it takes the surprise out of it :sad:
  3. On the other hand... maybe you should at least wait until Christmas to be truly annoyed with him--he might still have a trick up his sleeve!
  4. Wow, i know how you feel. I was about to buy a cell phone today and the priced jumped 40.00 to 100.00 overnight. :cursing:
  5. Maybe he didn't buy them Sunday afternoon because he's already bought them?
  6. Get the more expensive ones, otherwise you'll be upset. Just tell him that they did sell out so now you'd like the more expensive ones and while they're more than the budget that's why you urged him to buy that perfect pair that you found on Sunday. If he wants to buy the cheaper pair just say that the problem is you will always think of the nicer pair you could have gotten for the same price.
  7. My DH is the worst shopper at Christmas time! I always get my own main gift. He does go out and buy a few small things, so I have some surprises under the tree.

    The funny thing it is, he is really good for birthday, valentines, etc. and surprises even....but he has some block about Christmas.
  8. I wish! There isn't a chance that he already bought them. I am really upset that I put so much time into finding the perfect gift and now because he was too busy watching TV and playing video games on Sunday now I can't have them.

    Meanwhile, his birthday is December 22 so I have put my heart and soul into buying him everything that his heart desired for his special day and Christmas too.

    Boy, do I feel bitter right now.
  9. Oh nooooooo. I'm so sorry. Hopefully, he can get you something that can make you equally as happy.
  10. Oh no, that sucks! Since he procrastinated you should get the more expensive ones, it is only fair, why should you get LESS than you wanted if he was just putting it off!
  11. Aw, I think you should talk to him. Guys just don't shop as well as us, even when they care. I'm sure he'll get you the other earrings.
  12. Ugh hubbys/SOs can be so silly sometimes!!!

    LOL I would make him UPGRADE me in size since you are already going over budget alittle bit... :smile:
  13. I do most of my own shopping. This way there are no returns & I get what I want. Dh is happy cause I'm happy!
  14. Well, in the truest attitude he's been showing lately, now I'm the one "dumping" this on him and "having issues with no solutions." Apparently I also need to change my attitude about someone buying me an expensive gift in the first place. And, since I don't have a solution (which I wouldn't have needed if he had listened to me in the first place), apparently now I am also going be giftless. Again, after I busted my a** to get him great xmas and birthday gifts. What a great Christmas. Yes, I'm bitter.
  15. Hope someone will be able to tell you where you can find reasonably-priced earrings. However, as one of the world's worst procrastinators myself, I have some sympathy for your DH.