RANT: People who feel the need to stick their nose in your business!! AHHHHHHHRRRRR!!

  1. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

    I just got a call from my mom's aunt (who I have mentioned in previous posts). She calls me and asks me a whole bunch of questions about my registration date for school on October 2. I told her that I had already sent off all of the papers that were required of me.

    She then tells me to go check the letter that they sent telling me what I needed to send again to see if they need a letter from my insurance company saying that I was insured. I told her that it just says they need a copy of my health insurance card and that I have already sent that off. She then tells me AGAIN to check the letter for it. I again told her no, they just wanted a copy of my insurance card. Then she says it very slowly (our conversation took place in German) again. And finally I told her "Either I'm not understanding what you want, or you're not understanding that I already told you NO!"

    Then the woman has the NERVE to say to me: "Do I have to call the school myself to see what you need for your registration?!" Excuse me? I am 21 years old. A grown woman who is capable of making her own decisions and is capable of taking responsiblity for the things that I need to do. Although I do not like to talk to people on the phone because I am not very confident in my German skills - I will call before my registration date arrives and ask them what I need to bring with me. I do not need you to treat me like a child and call my school and ask what I need to bring. I CAN DO THAT MYSELF!!!

    I don't care that you worked for the health department 30+ years ago and that you used to have to write THOUSANDS of letters to Universities stating that the people were insured. This may not be the case in my situation!

    OOHHHH, she makes my blood boil! :cursing:

    Finally, I told her to call back when my mom is home so she can talk to her about it. I was done dealing with her.

    I JUST WISH SHE WOULD STAY OUT OF MY BUSINESS!!! I don't need her to baby me and do my work for me!!


    ETA: I can understand that she was probably just trying to be helpful, but when I go and check the letter and it states that they ONLY need a COPY of my insurance CARD, that's it. They just need a copy of the card. No letter, no certified mail, no signature in blood. Just a COPY of the CARD!!!!
  2. UGH---it's bad enough to have your own mother hassle you over and over about something but to have your Aunt drill you about everything when it is not her business. I would do like you, let her talk to your mother from now on, you don't need all this added stress with school coming up.
    Good luck with school, I am sure it will be a exciting chapter in your life.
  3. I am hopeful your college is diligent about protecting student privacy. How invasive!
  4. ugh, yes, i can totally relate! some people are always up your a$$ and meddling in your business! hope things go well, and have fun at school!
  5. Awwwww. Take it easy. I know how it feels cause I had an aunt just like that (and lots more stuff on top of that!). (((hugs)))
  6. I totally understand how when dealing with relatives, you sometimes want to hang up the phone. Just remember that she probably wants to help you and cares about you, hence why she bothered to take the time out of her day to call. Sometimes, when my relatives annoy me, I think of it in that regards and know that they're doing it because they care, and sometimes, it's not as bad.
  7. Aww, don't worry about. We all have noisy relatives and at least your aunt cares enough to make sure that you turned everything in. Anyways goodluck with school.
  8. I think we all have someone in our family that is just as annoying. I usually just pretend to be accomodating and say OKAY to everything.:angel: As soon as I hang up, of course I don't follow through, no arguing, no fuss and they never find out I was b*llsh%tting them....everyones happy, especially me! It's so funny, that annoying/nagging person in my family thinks I'm an angel because she thinks I listen to and take all her "worldly" advice to heart...in reality its a totally different story.:graucho: Bottomline though, she just loves you and wants only the best for you.
  9. I have in-laws that are as invasive and annoying as #@*&!!:hysteric:
    I feel for you. Some family members think that because they are family, they can be more rude, and I say aaargh! Lol!!:cursing: