Rant over bad Seller...

  1. I just bought a lovely Jovovich Hawk dress and jacket for 87 pounds (yes a STEAL!!:yes: )

    Unfortunately the seller marked it valued at 500 pounds...
    do you know what this means??
    Duty and Taxes are wanted on the 500 pounds.
    That's 225 USD.


    So the dress and coat are being returned to her so that she can fill out proper cost and value.

    Just thought I'd let y'all know that maybe we should be asking international sellers what they are marking the "value" of our items as before they send them.
  2. Ouch ... I can't believe the seller actually listed the retail price! Did you ask the seller why she did that? Hopefully everything will work out okay in the end.
  3. I think she wanted insurance of 500 pounds in case it was lost :sad:
  4. When that happens to me, I just fill out the form on the back of the duty charges and appeal it - send a copy of the auction page and the PayPal payment. Then I get reimbursed by cheque.
  5. I wonder if she got confused as £500 is the max you can insure to under Royal Mail?
  6. This may be an honest mistake that she did not realize would impact you in such a way...but regardless, you have a great point...it would probably be a good idea to firm that up with a seller overseas beforehand!
    Lesson learned!
  7. Well.

    She responded to my email really rudely.
    Apparently it was a mistake but she was REALLY defensive about it and actually told me that she thought I was trying to get out of paying my taxes!!!! She then said that she might want to just give me a refund, minus the shipping. My favourite was when she said, "I am old, I could be your mother!!!"
    I believe she is an honest seller who's made some bad choices. It's weird, she has a lot of feedback and it's all wonderful.

    I've emailed her numerous times.

    Last week I got a quick note saying, "I'm really busy, will mail tomorrow."

    I've heard nothing.

    So what do I do???
    I sent her a mail yesterday asking, "Have you received the package back? I have not heard from you and I'm wondering what the resolution will be. You promised you'd get back to me in one day, and it's been a week. I'm not sure what to think."

    Do I send one more warning email before I pull the pin on Paypal and file with eBay?