RANT!!! on Plaza Frontenac St. Louis, MO Louis Vuitton Boutique

  1. Oh Plaza Frontenac... how much more can you suck??

    I received a LV Pink Cherry Blossom Papillon, given to me as an unused LE bag from 2003 (I graduated in 2005) by my sister for my high school graduation present(!). I didn't know much about LV when I got the bag and because I hadn't seen this one before, I went to LV during that summer and asked if it was authentic and how to tell. The manager(?) (who had a short blonde haircut, tan, probably 45-ish or so, probably 180#?) said "LV never made that, it's gotta be fake"... then another woman approached a few minutes later and said "yes they did... we only just got the brown CB Papillon and that's it. This one is absolutely real." I was discouraged and kind of astonished that she wouldn't know LV... I mean crap, if she's a manager, she should know it, right??

    Anyways, my bf and I went to the store again a few weeks ago and I was carrying my Batignolles Horizontal I think and a matching mono belt, wearing some Seven for all Mankind jeans and a j.crew key lime v-neck shirt. Nothing too flashy, very conservative but stylish. Gosh I get off topic a lot! But anyways, I went in to change the buckles on my belts. One is too small for me now and the one that fits has a gold buckle, and I wanted to have the silver buckle on the one that fits me now... so I called ahead before I came into the store and talked with this sweetheart of a SA named Shawn. I asked him if he could change my buckles and he said that he'd be more than happy to, so I was excited :smile: I arrived at the store, approached him and he was eager to help me. He winked at me and I thought that was adorable! As he went in the back to change them, there was a SA- a young, pretty brunette that was literally brand new- and my bf asked her about the Damier Azur wallets to see if they have any. My bf has a regular brown Damier Multiple billfold and saw the Damier Azur and absolutely loves it, so he was curious to see it in person. The new SA didn't know if they had it, so she went and asked that blonde short haired lady. She came back and said they were never made. I was kind of like... oh really?? So I looked at the older blonde lady-- when I say older, I mean older than me... 45 isn't old at aLL lol)-- and questioned her because I know they made one and they do have them at the stores. She confirmed that no, they never made them. I then told her, politely, that eLuxury had them on the website and she said "well, eLuxury is a completely separate entity from Louis Vuitton and they have things in stock that Louis Vuitton boutiques never get." I then proceeded to ask her if they had any Inclusion pieces and she said "no, those are permanently discontinued and all sold out earlier this year, they're just seasonal and they're done with them." I was kind of surprised with this, too. Anyways, I went to the car, called LV Chicago on Michigan Avenue (I was there 3 weeks earlier) and asked the SA if they had a Damier Azur wallet... she went back to check, came back and was EXTREMELY polite and said "yes, we have one," then I asked about a Framboise inclusion ring in a size 56 and she went back to check and said "yes, we have that too! Would you like for me to set them aside for you today?" And of course, I'm not in Chicago, so I said no, and thanked her for checking.

    But here's the deal: Why are the SA's at Plaza Frontenac so darn SNOTTY? Every time I go in there, they're overwhelmingly RUDE and extremely unknowledgeable (is that a word?) about their products. I called 1-866 and complained about my experience but praised Shawn-- the awesome SA for being such a sweetie lol
    It really bugs me that my purchases fund THEIR paychecks. I mean that's one thing if they're not happy about pay or home life, but geez, leave that attitude at home! I want a pleasant shopping experience!!

    Oh and I had a bad experience with a SA at Chanel inside Saks... a complete old hag (and I do mean old this time). I would like to use another word than hag, but I don't know if I can. HAG!

    So when going to LV at Plaza Frontenac, Shawn is an absolute delight and I definitely recommend him!!
  2. i know how you feel...the first time i went in there i was completely ignored. I was supposed to be making a first purchase, but didn't because no one even came to assist and there were three SA's there helping noone...anyway I left and bought my purse elsewhere. I have gone back recently and bought a neverfull and a bandeau and I dealt with Jean she seemed nice and helpful...but I don't know.... kinda sucks that this is the only store here in st. louis. Well anway I'm sorry for your troubles....
  3. :push: That was a book up there. Sorry about your experience if I was you I would made her call another store or made her check in the system. Now that you can get things from Louisvuitton.com let's see if she also says is a different company like eluxury. where do LV get these managers from!
  4. I forgot to put this in~! I did ask her if she could order it from another store or call one for me to see if they're available and she said "Louis Vuitton boutiques don't do that!" I was so pissed because when I called LV Chicago, they said they would ship to my credit card address... that lady is seriously an idiot and she's been there for YEARS. I don't understand how she can be like this!
  5. She really needs a training, I remembered that when I got my onatah my SA checked the fleurs ones for me and told me they were only 3 left in other boutiques and offer to order them. Thank God I'm not in St Louis because I would go there and give my LV LE speech. :supacool:
  6. ive only been to frontenac once, i go to stl alot, but i live in nashville. the sa's in LV were ok. didnt really say much. But when i went in chanel, the woman was really nice, it was the first time I had seen chanel in person and she was so happy to show me some stuff.
  7. Whenever i got LV the Sas ALWAYS you know more about LV than i do. They are useless for the most part. I just ask them to see bags and have them ring me up. They are very kind don't get me wrong but none of the Sas even knew what mirage was!?!
  8. Damn, that is rude. The manager know nothing about LV. Even I know Damier Azur wallet was made and i'm not even one of the SA in the store. Were you new to this boutique beside couple years ago? Some people works at LV are extremely rude and they judge you. So sorry about what happened to you. I understand why you feel that way.:cursing:
  9. BritBrit - I'm a little curious. We probably shouldn't post names here, but the older blonde you are talking about - does her name start with a K? If so, I am truly confused about your experience as she has ordered items from other stores for me in the past. I can't understand why she would tell you LV boutiques don't do that.

    I totally agree with you about Shawn. He is a sweetie.
  11. Oh dear, I want to go there in Nov before Thanksgiving. I thought the shopping in that plaza would be great fun.

    Does anyone know if KC MO is better?
  12. It's always horrible when you have a bad experience with an SA. Luckily everyone has been extremely nice at the one boutique I shop at. I've had bad experiences elsewhere for other brands and they have left a bitter taste. I hope you have more pleasant experiences in the future.
  13. brit brit. is this the store manager with the short blonde hair? older lady? She is a witch!
  14. yes... i think it starts with a k... short blonde hair, that's her!
  15. KCMO doesn't have a LV boutique anymore. The downtown KC plaza is absolutely darling and I really like it... if you go, there are these adorable brass penguin statues and I try to sneak a pic of my bf with them every time but he hates it lol but, they have an assortment of shops like Burberry, J.Crew, MAC, SonyStyle, and some great restaurants... I don't know, it's kind of a toss up. I like St. Louis because Plaza Frontenac is about 5 minutes from the Galleria Mall, 15 from Chesterfield Mall, and about 15 from West County Mall. Plaza Frontenac is a great place to shop, but Frontenac is probably one of the snobbiest, if not the absolute snobbiest, of West County St. Louis. I think it's funny that the people who work at Plaza Frontenac look at the customers like they're above us. Not a big deal, but that's rude and they're working for me, ya know?

    All of West County is snobby, that's just how we grow up, I guess. The people at Plaza Frontenac Tiffany's are REALLY really nice though!!