Rant on GAP.com!

  1. Warning: This might be a slightly long rant.
    I am sooo PO'd right now :cursing: I just placed a load of cheap items from their sale section onto my shopping cart, such as cute undies all for 1.99 each, shoes for 6.99, a white jacket for 24.99, a fitted shirt for 14.99, and etc. I decided to use my 20% off code as I checked out. After I placed in my billing info and shipping info, I was at the page with the order review and noticed more than 3x's the increase!!! I was like...WTF?? I opened a new page w/in a second and saw the shoes went up to 24.99, the shirt to 29.99, the jacket to 34.99, and the undies to betw. 3.99 and 6.99!! It's like if I hadn't caught the dramatic price increase I would have pressed the order button in a slip and they could have charged me all that extra money! I know some stuff are still pretty decently priced, but it was totally unexpected. So, I called customer service and the guy was like... oh i'm sorry, but the prices are subjected to change... higher or lower, and there's nothing I can do for you. :cursing::cursing::cursing: so MAD!!

    It's a little long, but thanks for reading this and allowing me to rant. I didn't think I'd actually have to post up a rant myself, even though I've read many TPFers' rants before.
  2. well that sucks! that's totally nuts! If you put something in your shopping cart, the price should lock in - whether or not there's a price increase or not -

    one thing - sometimes only certain colors are on sale - did you maybe choose an item in a color that wasn't originally shown? I've noticed that sometimes there's a diff in price depending on the color selection.

    regardless, that's awful - did you get anything???
  3. I made sure I got the right colors at the right section. Even when I refreshed the page 3 times after talking with customer service the undies still said 1.99, then when you put it in the cart it says 3.99 :hysteric:

    I'm especially pissed because of the fact that it is soo misleading. It was like a fraud, where they attract customers with these tempting prices then over-charge them later in hopes that they don't notice a difference.
  4. maybe you should contact Gap's corp office Mon morning. Something doesn't sound right here - if it STILL says 1.99, and it only changes when you place the items in your cart? that's not a change in price - that's over-charging. if it was a change in price - they shouldn't still say 1.99 & only change when you place the items in your cart -
  5. I bet something is just wrong with their network or something. I agree with the above person. Call tomorrow and complain if the prices are still lower. If the customer service rep can't help you, ask to speak to management.
  6. that's really poor business practice and very misleading!
    def speak to someone senior.