Rant on Ebay Flippers

  1. ARG, i am getting more and more frustrated with eBay!!

    A few days ago I found a Rouille City in mint condition on German eBay. The seller obviously didn't know it's true worth (and I did have it authenticated on the forum!) so i was SUPER happy. However, my internet is very slow and I got outbid at the last minute because the bidding page wouldn't load fast enough. My bid was at 300 Euros (approx. 440 dollars, friggin STEAL for a mint city!!) but another bidder won.
    Fine, I made my peace with it. Just a few minutes ago I was scoring eBay UK (as you do, instead of working on my essays :rolleyes:) and saw the same seller who outbid me, now selling this rouille city for 650 pounds BIT (approx. 1290 dollars) or best offer.
    ARG, it makes me so mad!! I was fine with her outbidding me, I should have just thought ahead and highered my max. price. But she's not even keeping the bag! She just wants to make money....sooo, i sent her a Best Offer of 235 pounds (approx. 465 dollars), which means she would have made 75 dollars profit.....hahahaha I am now eagerly awaiting her reply!!

    Sorry for the long rant, but I am extremely frustrated. I am a student, and have been waiting and saving up for a Balenciaga for a long time. I finally thought I got my chance to get one for a steal....
  2. I did see that also lets not buy from that B......tch.
    The same is with that blue courier from some seller in Holland he or she bought it in a shop on sale and try to make fast money. I dont want that. It was 40% of in the sales.

    Hugs Fx:heart:
  3. I have noticed more flippers lately, it makes me so disgusted as there are many Bal lovers that would truly appreciate a Bal bag at a decent price.
  4. Many of the bag flippers are forum members. And some run popular businesses based on flipping, so I'd be mindful of that when calling someone a b....tch.

    It stinks when you're outbid but the good deals are still out there, don't give up hope!:tup:
  5. Violets you're right, it's just too easy to get carried away!
    Thanks for the support ladies, I'm still waiting on a response from her but noticed that my offer is waay to low since I didn't calculate the Euro/Pound difference right. oops :blush:
    But, am interested in her answer since I'm sure she knows that I'm the bidder she outbid.
  6. I hope she'll sell it to you or you find another one for an even better price:flowers:
  7. I really hate the flipping for ridiculous profit. I realize that for flippers it's a business and they're in it to make money but it's so frustrating! Sorry you missed out on the bag, I hope you are able to eventually get another.
  8. I know what you mean. I sold my never used LE magenta before Xmas. I had a bunch of people asking about a better price, lower BIN, lowball offers etc. Three or four of them were plainly resellers; I could see their selling feedback. I didn't really mind, but I thought it was pretty nervy to come up with the stories about how much they loved it but really couldn't go higher than X, but really wanted the bag, so would I consider it. I was like, um....no...given that you're likely going to turn it around and sell it for way more than I'm asking, given that I can see what you just sold one for!!!

    At least your flipper won it fair and square by bidding and didn't try to cut a special deal with the seller!
  9. Ditto..
  10. Whether you like it or not, the bottom line is that those "flippers" as you call them can only make money based on market value. If he or she wins a bag based on their bid being the highest (and under market value) and then can turn around and resell for a profit, good for him or her!

    If you really want the bag, then bid to your maximum amount. The "flipper" will only bid up the price if there is money to be made...

    Oh - and I'm not sure one should assume that a bag is purchased and then "flipped" for profit only. It's possible the bag was purchased for personal use and just didn't work out for the buyer...sometimes you just don't like a bag once received, KWIM?

    JMO :smile:
  11. ^^ i agree. i'm sorry you lost out but there are many more bags out there and sometimes it takes a little searching to get what you want. don't give up hope, but let's not call buyers and sellers names - that's not cool :nogood:
  12. Hmmmm ... I remember when I first joined tPF (way in the beginning when there were just a handful of us B-Bag aficionados). There were many heated debates about this same topic; folks who would buy a bag knowing full well that they would attempt to turn it around for profit [for the record, I'm not a fan of this practice ... heck, I think you can tell this just by seeing how many items I have in my collection!].

    Anyhow, the thing is ... you NEVER know if you are, in fact, going to make a profit! The market is a very fickle thing. Just recently, there was an old '03 Mustard City up on eBay ... which ended up selling for less than $500!!! A couple of years ago, when EVERYONE seemed to want a B-Bag (especially the older ones), that bag would have sold for a HECK of a lot more! There have been times when I've been sickened by the prices, but what can you do ... you just have to stick to what you can pay/afford and believe me, eventually you will get the bag that you want. It took me almost 2 years to get my '05 Apple City, but I just waited it out and ended up getting a beautiful bag at a reasonable price!

    Hang in there ... !!!
  13. I wouldn't count on her knowing or remembering that ... I know I don't ever really look at whom I've outbid. If I get outbidded, then yeah, I sometimes look at who it is and put them on my "i hate you for outbidding me" list. ;)
  14. There are sellers on E-bay who buy and sell as a business. And they have as much right to a good deal as anyone. And if they can sell and make a profit, good for them.

    I don't think it's appropriate to be impolite, cruel, or negative towards resellers. I think one has to remember that E-Bay is a marketplace --a business. It's not personal and it's important to keep that in mind.
  15. well, ultimately people have the right to "flip" their bags if they want, but I personally think it's a bit selfish. I'd much rather see someone get their HG bag at a reasonable price and enjoy using it, than someone else making a profit on some poor unsuspecting buyer. And if I get outbid for a bag, I really hope it's going to a home where it will be well loved. But that's just my 2 cents. You can't tell people what to do.