*RANT!* My Car was broken into...So Angry!

  1. ARRGH..I am so angry right now. Someone broke into my car last night. I went to Nordstrom Valley Fair last night and was gone for maybe 45 minutes. Returned to the car and the passenger window was completely shattered....and the kicker is THEY TOOK NOTHING!!! What?! The glove box, center console, and trunk were completely untouched. What's the point then? I guess I'm grateful they didn't take anything but the broken window is such a pain. :cursing:

    Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks for hearing me out on my rant....
  2. Sorry this happened to you but at least nothing was taken. I had someone break into my car on my parents' driveway, but nothing was broken or taken.... they just threw the ashtray onto the floor and the glove box was open but again, nothing was taken or damaged in the car. It was very strange.

    I do recommend not keeping anything with an address in your car - remove your car registration and keep it in your wallet. If you have mail or magazines that show your address, do not leave them in the car.

    My co-worker's car was stolen and her car registration and garage/gate remotes were in the car. The thief drove her car to her house and into her gargage and then proceeded to rob it because they knew exactly where she lived.
  3. I've had my car broken into once. Nothing was broken and the only thing that was stolen was the remote for my stereo system. I think that was what they were after but I had my amp drilled down to my back seat so maybe they thought it was too much of a hassle? Either way, I felt violated but I'm glad nothing happened.
  4. valley fair hmm?

    you know that's so interesting because i just read an article saying that the rate of car burgurlies (sp) has risen in SF but it may be for bay area in general...

    it's gotten to a point where some people leave their car unlocked with a sign that says, "nothing to steal"

    i really don't know what to say, it's horrible to go through this but from what i gathered, the police aren't really doing much because not enough manpower and the chances of catching these jerks are slim

    which makes it so lucurtive (sp)

    and that's why there are more car break ins..

    it's like a cycle that won't end
  5. Your window was probably only broken and nothing taken because in a setting like that there were other people in the general area and they didn't know how to bust out a car window without making hardly any noise and got noticed and fled. Car break-ins happen for the most stupid reasons. My boyfriend's best friend's car was broken into and someone stole the left-over pizza in the backseat and the remote to his cd deck. Lame. LOL!
  6. My car almost got stolen last year while attending a driver training course in Laval, Quebec (unfortunately know to some people as car theft capital of Canada).
    I had to drive all weekend long without the window on the driver's side and do the 5 hour drive home as well with some plastic.
    It was horrible..however I got lucky that the thieves screwed up and broke the window otherwise my car would have been long gone!
    I hope you can get your car fixed soon!
  7. I think most of these theives break into cars to try to steal your radio. However, it is more difficult to take the radio out of some cars than others, and some will never work after being removed from the car. I've had an older car where someone broke into it and took the radio before.
  8. This happened to me twice on my first car. Once it was in the highschool parking lot, the window was shattered but was still intact, and the second time was overnight in front of our house, they only broke the little vent window but destroyed the dashboard getting the stereo out.
  9. Ohhhh Im Sooo Sorry - I Was In Jersey Gardens Outlets Last Week And Someone Broke Into My Car As Well. Instead Of The Window The Screwed Up My Door And Smashed In My Door Handle. I Didnt Get It Either B/c They Took Nothing Just Made A Mess ( And Their Were So Many Things To Take , Like My Prada Jacket And My Lv Sunglasses - Things That Are So Easy To Sell )

    Anyway My Reapir Guy Told Me They Were Looking For The Key They Give You In The Manual - The Flat One That Allows For Copies To Be Made. Basically They Didnt Take Anything B/c They Wanted The Car !!!
    ** So As A Warning To Those Who Left That Lil Key In The Manual And Keep The Manual In The Car - Even In This Day And Age Of Lojack- Cars Get Stolen.***
  10. Someone broke into my car last month. They was professional about it too. They cut the driver side window out nice and neat and the funny thing is they took nothing. Later on that night my rims was stolen off my vehicle in front of my apartment complex so thats when we figured they had stole the rim lock earlier out the car but left the money untouched. Lucky enough insurance covered it minus my 500 deductible. Apparently the other night someone tried to steal my husbands motorcycle. Boy do I hate this place...good thing I'm moving to another state in August.
  11. what a pain, were you parked on the backside by forest ave? Valet is right there, maybe the got scared off?

    Sorry to hear it!
  12. It happened to me once too. I was coming out of my lunch time bible study and noticed the passenger side window was conpletely shattered. Apparently my car had double glass window and the thief could not get to the inner layer of the window. But it was so annoying and the replacement window cost so much money!!:cursing:
  13. UGH I am SO sorry to hear that, and so angry for you. What is WRONG with people these days?? I can't imagine anyone just breaking a window for the "fun" of it. I just want to give them a good what-for!! :lecture:
  14. That sucks. Maybe it was drug addicts and they couldn't find anything to steal so they just moved on. What a PITA.
  15. Maybe the perpetrators were just a bunch of teenagers on a dare?.. Anyway, I'm glad nothing was stolen from you. Did you report it to the mall security? If you probably parked somewhere close to the building, it may have been caught on their surveillance camera.