RANT: My car has been keyed!

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  1. :censor:I am so upset because I'm really attached to my little car.

    I've parked it in a cul de sac for years now however my area is certainly not the safest place to live.

    This morning I discovered two long and deep scratches right across the bonnet. They were no accident.:rant:

    Why do people vandalise? How on earth does it help them to damage someone else's property? :search:

    I bought some touch-up paint to help conceal the scratches. No point in having the panel fixed because it will probably happen again.

    Grrr...I wish I could protect my baby by installing a device that electrocutes anyone who touches it!!!!
  2. Oh man, that sucks! I don't get why people destroy other people's things. If they want to mess up stuff, trash their own stuff! Oh, no...their things are precious while the rest of the world can go to :censor: and like it!
    I've often thought about rigging up some sort of device that would jump out at them (like a gargoyle) and scare the poop out of them and maybe bang their head against my wall, or go running to mommy!
    BTW I don't really think it matters what neighborhood you live in, the pondscum is everywhere.
  3. OMG, that's terrible! Take it to an autobody shop to see if they can buff out the scratches. Oh I would have been so upset! Do you have a garage or any other protected area where you can park it?

    I also have to park my car in the open, but luckily nothing has ever happened to my car...Ugh.

    I don't understand why people do things like this...Like kmccrea said, it doesn't matter what area you live in - these jerks are everywhere. WHen I still lived in the US I lived in a very nice subdivision that was guarded (but not gated) and we also had things like this happen. Spraypainting of mailboxes/driveways, mailboxes being stolen, windows broken...Ugh..
  4. [​IMG]Awww, I'm sorry this happened to you emmakins :flowers: [​IMG]
  5. Eeek, thats awful! I'm sorry this happened to you, unfortunately there are a lot of losers around who seem to thrive on making others feel bad.

    Hope you can fix it!
  6. People do stupid stuff like this all the time in my area - it just boggles my mind. Like how one day I found that someone had opened their car door on mine. Or another day, when there were all these vertical parallel lines on my trunk - someone had used my car as a table for a child seat and DRAGGED it across.

    People are jerks !!!
  7. I'm so sorry that happened to you. Hopefully it won't happen again.
  8. So sorry to hear this. I could never understand why anyone would get any satisfaction from something like that. Not much consolation but karma will take care of them. Hope it never happens again.
  9. be careful, if it wasnt just a random incident, someone might have a grudge on you
  10. I'm sorry to hear that.
    My old house we just sold was in a not-so-great area. Someone kicked a dent in my door....I immediately got it fixed because it was 3 months old and my hubby's baby....the very next day someone keyed it in the exact same spot.
    I don't know why people are such jerks!
  11. :censor: :rant: I cannot stand, nor can I UNDERSTAND, why someone would do such things! I am SO sorry to hear that...Last October my car was keyed TWICE...by some f***ing crazy girl...Luckily I hadn't gotten it fixed...and then she did it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's all about Karma...sorry to hear that!:wtf:
  12. I have noticed a few other regular parkers there with deliberate scratches so I think there may be a serial keyer in the neighbourhood.

    If it was done on a grudge, the perpetrator has yet to rear it's ugly head.:rant:

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. :heart:

    I blame my neighbourhood for alot of bad things, but I guess it could have happened anywhere.

    As for karma...I wonder if that means I've done something wrong to deserve this?
  13. I am sorry to hear this. Similar thing happened to my car shortly after it was finally paid off, except mine happened at work and the vandal keyed it on the entire right side of my car.

    It pisses me off that some people are so pettiful and jealous that they have no respect for other people's property. Keying one's car not only causes the owners grief but also affects the value of the car as getting it re-painted will still not be the same as the original coat of paint.

    You should try to contact the local authorities and file a report. They may not be able to do much about it but at least it'll be on record.
  14. Aw, so sorry this happened! So people are just plain jerks!
  15. Aww...I'm sorry. I know how upsetting it can be when someone does something like that. I had the drivers side window smashed on my car and I was so upset about it even though it was a piece of crap car. It was just upsetting that someone would do that to anyone for no apparent reason.