Rant: Mean seller or am I just wrong??

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  1. I consider myself a polite and friendly neighborhood eBayer. I was watching a bag for a while (seller kept relisting it at lower and lower prices) and I sent them a very deferential message asking if they would consider a certain price. They wrote back immediately and said NO along with a few other rude comments. Is it considered impolite to ask in a friendly way if they would accept a lower offer?? I felt wounded after this exchange and just wanted to know if I am not following proper eBay etiquette. Thanks girls :heart:
  2. I know a lot of people here get peeved by 'lowball' offers. I don't know what your offer was, or if it would even be considered 'lowball'.
    But they selaed their fate anyhow IMO. . . you don't want to do business w/ someone that's rude.
    If someone made me a reasonable offer and I didn't want to take it, I'd respectfully decline, or even counter them.
  3. Thanks Swanky. I actually revisited my post because I wanted to clarify my rant since I know that ridiculously low offers are annoying and rude. I emailed the seller and asked for a 10% discount, which I thought was pretty reasonable.

    What are you doing still up, btw?? It's past midnight in the DFW area! ;)
  4. Yes I agree with Swanky its not the type of person you want to deal with anyway

    I was the same - offered £10 less - so really just the postage cost - seller sent nasty email! No need for it really. Treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself
  5. i also had experience where a used bag was end at around 300$ and did not meet the reserve price, i offer if they wanna let go for 600, and the seller is very rude saying that it's a 1000$ worth of bag and to never ever contact or bid from her again WTF!!! i was only trying :p and write very politely.
  6. The seller is being rude and so uncalled for. Even if they are not happy with the offer, there's no need to be rude. A simple "no" would suffice.
  7. You were fine. The seller is obviously upset that the bag hasn't sold, despite repeatedly lower auction listings.
  8. Thank you all so much for your words of encouragement. I feel better now :yes: Have a fabulous weekend! (We get Monday off here in the States b/c it's "President's Day" i.e. "No One Really Cares But Hey It's a Holiday!")
  9. Sure its great when the seller is nice but, really, who cares if they have what you really want...and you get it for a decent price...some people are just grumps.
  10. You know what, even with the low-ball offers, I either politely declined, or just ignored them. I was never rude. The only reason why I started ignoring them is because I was getting so many of them.

    It never hurts to ask, especially if someone has been continually lowering their initial asking price. If an item is hot and is selling for much higher than you're offering, then you're probably not going to get what you ask for.
  11. I've had people lowball my sales, and I just reply "no, thank you, I wanted xxx dollars" sometimes I respond with a slighter higher offer. But always sell on eBay and never off the site, due to problems that could arise.

    Stay away from the rude ones.
  12. When I get a lowball offer, I generally respond with something like, "Thank you for the offer, but I paid $XX for this bag and I can't take that much of a loss. The minimum I could accept is $XX."

    However, when I have a bag listed at a big discount it secretly annoys me when I get a super-lowball offer. For example, I was selling a very nice lilac Balenciaga mini-classique for a BIN of about $475 and had someone e-mail me to offer $225! It sold for the BIN before I even responded, though.
  13. Ooh may I understand what the seller felt about low offer even much lower than her listing price... If she kept relisting her bag with lower & lower price, I think may she's reached the lowest price she can go & confuse why person asked her to go lower again while ( may ) the other sellers selling the similiar in much higher price.
    Otherwise, may she think it's unreasonable offer & feel bored with unreasonable offers ( from other people ) coz the similiar selling much higher.
  14. I wouldn't worry about it. The seller is probably mad that the item hasn't sold yet. Move on to a nicer seller!
  15. Yes, move on to a nicer seller. I would not deal with an unnecessarily rude seller-no need to. There will be another fabulous bag out there with a wonderful person to deal with!! Kind of like a face to face store, too - you always remember rude SA's and don't go back ; it pays to be nice!!