1. I was supposed to get my Blueberry Day today. I paid the Next Day charge.

    I waited on my balcony and overlooked the front of my apartment building like hawk since 8:30 this morning. Then I call Balenciaga NY and Kim tells me that "the delivery attempt was made at 9:25am"

    What a load. I POSTED UP A HUGE SIGN that said, "call me at XXXXXnumber when you are delivering." No call. No note saying "1st delivery attempt made."

    So now apparently it's coming tomorrow. This is not the first time I've had so much trouble with UPS. I HATE UPS.
  2. i'm inclined to agree. i always have problems with UPS packages. they never come when they are supposed to!
  3. I have another update (please indulge me)..

    I called Kim at BalNY again and she called UPS asking them what happened, especially since they have my number on file and they totally FAILED to call me. So she said the local manager is calling me in within an hour to reschedule another delivery for TODAY.

    Something tells me that the local manager won't call. Why? Because they are UPS.

    I'm really sad. I cried a little :crybaby: and I don't cry at many things...only when I break my ankle and get sent to hospital for surgery..and not getting my Balenciaga bag on time.
  4. this happens to me often. i will join in, I HATE UPS I HATE UPS I HATE UPS I HATE UPS I HATE UPS.
  5. I've never dealt with them but I HATE THEM TOO. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits.
  6. Way to work it. You are the consumer
    , after all. They must kiss your behind. good for you for taking control.
  7. hahahaha, Cal that's hysterical!! and yes i wholeheartedly agree, UPS is the :devil: .
    don't fret ashleyby, once you have your bag no one can take it away!:yahoo:
  8. Aw, ashleyby, I know how awful it is to not get the bag when you're expecting it!! Depending on my mood of the day, I've cried and/or gotten extremely angry when that's happened. Oddly enough, UPS is fantastic where I am, they're the only delivery service that's absolutely reliable. The USPS, however, is INFURIATING - they'll leave a delivery-attempted note when they never even put the box in the truck!! My husband recently showed me how to go in the back gate of the loading area when the PO is closed, and get them to find my package RIGHT NOW! with a little stamp of my foot.
  9. I've decided I know why UPS delivery men wear brown uniforms. Because they are sh*t.
  10. Uggghhh, that SUCKS! I know how you feel, dealt with then many times myself.

    I hope you get it today!
  11. UPS is good where I'm at too. Well except for this last package that came for my SO. The box looked like someone through it, kicked it, sat on it, etc. And when he opens it, the item was broken. And this wasn't a fragile item, its a part that goes on an ATV and is supposed to take some abuse. So now he has to go through the hassle of sending it back and waiting for a new part.

    I can't stand USPS either. They always seem to misplace my order and then I have to go there and speak to the "Postmaster" Luckily, he is very nice and always finds my package quickly.
  12. My jacket was supposed to come two days ago from UPS. We'll see it it come today.

    But I'd be even more pissed if I paid for overnight delivery and they didn't come!
  13. gosh, i'm sorry ashleyby, i've had the same problem with them :hysteric:
  14. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. I HEAR YA!!!
    It's incredibly :censor: &#!!*&! frustrating when that happens. USPS did that to me the other day. UPS I have no problem with as they, uh, know me. :whistle:

    I think USPS came at the crack of dawn and just slowwwlly,gently opened the screen door, then ever so quietly taped the notice to my door so even the dog who hears everything did not hear them, then retreated to the truck cackling about how my hubby would find the note and it would be brought to his attention that I had bought yet another bag... :yes::roflmfao:

    cheer up - tomorrow you'll have a pretty blueberry to show off:yes: