RANT!!! I HATE HATE HATE FAKES!!(long post, sorry)

  1. I'm soooo mad! This AM, as I was leaving work, I got on the elevator with this...woman...whom I dislike very much for many reasons which I will not go into here. We work together (she in a position quite subordinate to mine), and most likely she has heard me talking about my newly discovered love of LV and my recent acquisitions of same. WELL. She proceeds to mess about very obviously with her bag, which is a FAKE LV. It resembles a monogram pochette bosphore but had a big, cheap-looking wide, ugly seat-belt-type strap with "Louis Vuitton" embroidered on it . !!! I didn't say anything but it really cheesed me off. I know her and she can't afford a real LV. Is this wrong and small-minded of me? I DO NOT buy fakes and frankly I am really starting to despise people who do!! It seems somehow to devalue the real thing, you know? I mean, I know my LVs are real but with so many fakes out there...and some of them quite good ones...it's not like I want everyone staring with admiration and envy at my bags (well...not really :P ), but on the other hand I certainly don't want people to just assume it's a fake because fakes are so easy to come by. Does this make sense? Why oh why do people make fakes?? Why do other people buy them? This madness must be stopped!!
  2. trust me dear, if you have an authentic LV, it's obvious to the people who know! for the rest we don't care!
  3. Sounds to me like she was trying to have something in common with you that could be a conversation starter. Maybe your reaction is so strong becasue you already hadn't liked the woman. Fakes are not my cup of tea either. Some people don't know the difference and think they are getting a deal. Others know that they can't afford the real thing but want to fit in and be accepted. I think your lady fall into the latter category.
  4. Fakes make me mad too, totally understand!
  5. build a bridge :yes:
  6. As long as mine's authentic, I don't care. I have friends with fake LV. It's their money, their choice.
  7. You could be right, but I doubt it. I think she is sporting her fake as a way of saying "in your face". Then again, either way she apparently wants some attention from me. Next time I see her with it I'll ask her about it (in a nice way, not "Nice fake, where'd you get it?" tho that's what the Evil One inside me wants to do).
  8. Well, it sounds like this women has issues with you, but in some ways envies you, thus she bought herself the closest she could get to LV.
    I know it sounds corny, but fakes are never the same quality and your bags will last for years if taken care of properly, in years her bag will probably be in the garbage were most fakes end up.
    Your bags will have resale value, hers will have none. Even with really good fakes, the quality of the stitching is off or the patina looks strange. So don't worry about it.
    Fakes will always exist as long as there is criminal activity and people willing to by them.
  9. Fakes are yucky, period!
  10. Sorry this was so upsetting to you. But really, live and let live.

    I love quality things. Always have. My mom is 80 years old and is a new cancer survivor after spending the last year in chemo, surgery and radiation.

    So when I find myself in a spot similar to yours, I think of mom. And that's when I remember what really matters.

    I'm not meaning to lecture at all, just share my experience. Hope it helps.:flowers:

  11. Just enjoy knowing yours are real and don't let her fake get to you. I know it's annoying but don't take the bait. I wouldn't say anything to her about it.
  12. It's unfortunate, you will run into people everywhere, clubs, gyms, work, playgroups, etc. that you just don't "jive" with and are still forced to see them on a regular basis. I would just try and take the higher road, and cordially smile next time she is making a complete A#$ of herself :cursing: !! And if she happends to bring up the LV connection you could always say, "Oh yes I noticed yours the other day on elevator, it's unique, I've never seen one like that at the botique......" That is if you want a little of the devil to sneek its head out :graucho:
  13. This might come off in a bad way...things always get twisted and hard to understand when words are typed out on a screen but....

    Why are you worried about her fake? why do you make mention that she "CAN'T afford it" and talk about how she has a lesser position than you at the company? It almost sounds like you're trying to make yourself better than her simply because she has a fake and you don't.

    And maybe you don't like fakes because soon everyone will assume that yours is a fake because there are so many out there. I can understand that. That sucks. But who gives a flip what people think?

    And how do you know she can't afford a real LV. maybe she saves. She might not be some bigshot CEO but that doesn't mean anything.
    I think you need to cool down.
  14. Well, is your hair your natural colour, or is it fake? Why are you so bothered? You are lucky you have a real and expensive bag as opposed to this 'quite subordinate' colleague of yours. Is that not enough for you?
  15. I'm sorry but you come across as spoilt and small minded.