RANT! I canceled my LE Magenta order and BalNY CHARGED my CC anyway!

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  1. I posted a few days ago that I decided to cancel my Order for the LE Magenta City...well, on the 16th BalNY CHARGED me for it anyway! I am SO angry! I spoke to 2 SA's (wont give there names because I'm complaining about them), one was my SA. And they assured me it would be cancelled right away. I called TWICE to make sure and yet they still charged me!

    I called a few minutes ago and was told..."oh well theres nothing we can do, it looks like your getting a Magenta City, theres no returns on it"

    Bal NY just lost me as a customer.

  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear that, wow that's not cool, I don't understand why they can't refund you:cursing:
  3. Now that's just ridiculous - they cocked up after you specifically cancelled your order with two different people, and now they're basically saying 'tough s**t'? That's appalling!!!
  4. What??? I can't believe they did this!! Did you speak to the manager about it?
  5. Cant you call your credit card and dispute it?
  6. Just call your credit card company and do a chargeback. Explain the situation and your credit card will fight the charge. BUT do it now, because by the time the bag comes in it will too late. It sucks that they won't just offer the bag to someone else, hell I might want it! Good luck.
  7. Oh thats sooooo bad!!! I agree you should ring your cc company but you shouldnt have to! I know others cancelled as well, i wonder if they were charged as well? Keep us posted I hope it works out ok!
  8. that is so ridiculous! why would they want to lose you as a customer??? i would call your cc company ASAP and get them to cancel it. it should be no problem, esp because it was a phone order (i'm assuming) and your signature isn't on anything saying it was a non-refundable sale.

    that is just terrible OD - your cc company should be able to help you. unbelievabley poor service from BalNY, just terrible :sad:
  9. I cannot believe that they would not make any exceptions even if this is really an exception in your case... You have been their customer for a while, right???!!! I am really surprised...
  10. That is unbelievable!! I would dispute it also. Was it the SA that assured you that you wouldn't be charged that said "nothing we can do" to you?
  11. :cursing:
    You know it is bad enough Bal doesn't offer returns, but to make this mistake, and then have them say "oh well looks like your getting a Magenta bag"! That is not acceptable!!! I would deffinitely call the store manager! What if it was or is your bank cc? You could potentially have some major problems, including bounced payments elsewhere and overdraft fees!!!!
  12. Of course you shouldn't have to get the bag now. Did they give you a cancellation number when you asked that it be cancelled? I understand that was the procedure. If you didn't get one, sounds as if someone dropped the ball.
  13. We did all have to sign a form saying there was no returns.... i really hope that it works out!
  14. Yeah that's what I was thinking...I think it may make it difficult getting a refund from a your cc company. God I hope it works out. Balenciaga are a little too strict on refunds but I guess they make plenty of money that way!
  15. someone else had posted that they had charged her for it after she cancelled. i forget who tho? that is pretty terrible i'm sure it will happen to a lot more ppl too that said their order was cancelled.