Rant! Gucci's Service and Quality is Horrible! Think twice before buying!


Apr 6, 2008
I'm aware that some people have had wonderful experiences with their bags but there are also a lot of people on this forum that seem to have a lot of problems with new/old bags breaking or parts coming off. Just to warn those who may be thinking about buying a new Gucci bag, customer service is slow and/or horrible once they've already got your money! This is why:

One of the studs came off my hobo exactly 3 days after I bought it last year. I should have returned it but I loved the bag so much I thought it would be a one-time thing and everything would be okay after I brought it in to get it fixed. Four weeks later, they still didn't return the bag because they "didn't have the part". When I started to complain, they miraculously found the part that they "didn't have" and fixed it within the hour. However, they didn't do a very good job because ever since then, the stud has still been loose and I find myself trying to tighten it with pliers now and again so I won't have to go through the same hassle.

Yesterday, the stud came off and went missing again and I took it to the store. They were about to "send it in for repairs again" (probably for another couple of weeks) when they discovered that it wasn't covered by warranty anymore because it had been over a year and after I complained about the long wait time for repairs. They proceeded to fix the stud in the back WITHOUT telling me the price first and came out with it fixed and said it would cost me $75 to replace one small stud! The SA then had the nerve to say to me, in rude tone, "you should try not to lose your studs because it costs a lot to replace them" implying that it was MY carelessness that led to the loss of the stud.

I was offended and upset as I treat my many bags well and never mishandle them. It was shoddy workmanship and quality on their part which should not have happened with a $1000+ bag a year ago or even a day ago. A lot of other posts seem to agree with the poor quality of their bags! This is the last purchase I will ever make with Gucci.

So just to warn others before they buy:
Be weary when you buy the canvas material bags as a lot of the time, it unravels after a bit of use. Also, hardware has a habit of coming off/coming loose. Furthermore, be prepared for a long wait time for repairs and for repairs to be expensive after the warranty period. It seems like good customer service is no longer a priority after a sale is made.


Dec 31, 2006
Gosh, thanks for sharing your experience. This really concerns me because I am relatively new to Gucci. I just got the jockey which has studs and I am really afraid that there will be problems with the bag down the road. I love the bag and am hoping that some other TPFers will chime in on how their bags have held up over time. I did run into a customer at the store who told me that Gucci's quality is pretty poor (but she was still there buying -- go figure!) Also, the store was pretty rude when I swung in today to return an item. I would hate to have to bring a bag in there for repair but I'd rather take a bag to the store than send it out and deal with the cost and risks associated with shipping.


Apr 21, 2009
im so sorry for what u had to go thru! i had made a post few mths back on the quality of the gucci bags,i have 2 bags which r off canvas,no issue as yet TOUCHWOOD! but recently when i bought the hysteria hobo from pre sale,i was sooooooooo disappointed,i have posted pics on the thread too for refernce! the straps r extremely flimsy to hod a big bag,sagging! and very thin quality!! it went back!!!


Hopeless Hoarder
Dec 30, 2008
That has not been my experience at all. I have a bag with the "horsebit studs" and on two separate occasions a stud has fallen out and I took it in and they sent it to corporate for repair (once I had the stud, second time I did not) and it was back from "surgery" very quick, less than 2 weeks and in that time frame there was a holiday. They were nothing but apologetic and super nice to me and it was a sale bag, so I guess they "could" have been not as nice. I have been very happy with Gucci service and I am sorry your experience was not the same. Unfortunately, things DO happen at every design house and even more unfortunate is when there is a not so nice employee, but please remember, it DOES happen all over the place.