RANT: Drunk belligerent people


I love bags
Sep 13, 2005
I just have to rant. I am not a drinker, not because I think it is anything bad- but because I get really sick if I drink. I could care less if my friends drink- but I expect people to be able to handle their alcohol.

Tonight my sister and her friend came home- my sister's friend was celebrating her birthday, got to our house and continued to drink. I just sat there shrugging my shoulders.

I just went to walk into the kitchen for some water... and right when I turned the corner, found her puking all over our kitchen floor.

I could care less that people drink- but I expect people to handle themselves. This is disgusting and in my own home and really just pisses me off. I am not even comfortable in MY house because someone has puked EVERYWHERE.

Rant over... kind of. :cursing:


easily amused
Mar 11, 2006
ugh. that's the worst. who wants to clean up puke ever, let alone in the wee hours of the morning when it's not even YOUR friend. :yucky:

i've spent way too much sober time around inebriated people this week. i'm convinced that most people would never touch the stuff again if they saw themselves really drunk on videotape or something. it's definitely made me not want to.

John 5

Mar 2, 2006
Argh... that's sooo not cool. Sorry Megs. :sad:

Speaking of drunk belligerent people... I work at a restaurant/bar/grill. I had to work yesterday for Christmas at 7 pm. This guy I was waiting on was kinda drunk so he has the effing nerve of banging his beer bottle on the table to get my attention. People are looking towards his direction and I'm like standing 5 feet away from him, when he simply could have said "Hey, I need another beer." But NOOOOOO... I turn around and ask if he wanted another beer, he responded yes. :hysteric:


Jan 29, 2006
Seriously, I think once we've all left college, there should be no more puking in bushes/on people's floors, etc. Sorry you had to deal with that, Megs! I made a post a little while ago about some ridiculously drunk girl spilling her cosmo all over my suit and shoes... I feel your pain!


Aug 21, 2006
Totally out of control.. I wonder if she even remembers and if she does she I hope she has the decency to apologize to your parents and yourself for her inappropriate behavior. I have zero tolerance for adult drunks..
Sorry you had to go through this Megs..:flowers:


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Sep 28, 2006
That is so unfortunate. I would be LIVID.:cursing:

I only puked once due to inexperience. It was on the side of the 836 Expressway, not on someone's kitchen floor!!!! I felt like such an idiot, and I neveeeeeeeeeer drank that much again. I hope this poor girl learns a lesson - 'you will only embarass yourself if you end up drunk'.

I sure hope she offered to clean it up and didn't leave you with the stinky task???:wtf:

Beach Bum

Feb 17, 2006

Actually i can REALLY understand with my little one having puked on my feet this week..ROFL..SERIOUSLY(Prada shoes included)..BUT she had the stomach flu..so shes got an excuse!!!

I hope her friend cleaned it up good and APOLOGIZED..ICKY!!!


Mar 1, 2006
Wowwww, that's NASTY!!! I'm so sorry for you, it just sucks when people are sick because they're too drunk, let alone when it happens in your own house..... I feel ya..... :sweatdrop:

Seriously, I would have stopped drinking if I were at someone else's house.... :rolleyes: I just think it's unrespectful, especially when you fully know that you've had too much to drink :yucky:

Happened to me once but... it was in my house and I got sick in my bedroom so.... that served me right :sweatdrop: I've never been this drunk again, I learned my lesson! I hope she'll have learned hers too :rolleyes: