Rant: Buyer says, "I wish that you had mentioned this in the listing"

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  1. I listed and sold a Kate Spade card case. When the buyer receives it, she wants to return it because the foil embossed Kate Spade logo was more faded than she thought.

    Firstly, I had included multiple high-resolution pictures in almost every angle possible. Secondly, there was no message whatsoever from her even asking questions about or requesting close-ups of anything. After all this, she then states, "I wish that you had mentioned this in the listing," as if I withheld information about this! It's not as if we corresponded 10 times and I TRICKED her into believe that there was no wear... I'm so distressed.

    At the end, I offered her the option to request her $16.50 back. When (or if) she responds for the refund, I also plan to ask her to KEEP the card case... Just to make things a little easier on myself.

    The buyer was cordial, but I feel like it was such a passive-aggressive finger-pointing move, placing a kind of blame on me. I’ve 100% positive feedback and I didn’t get that by misleading people! It’s rough out there.

    I guess my lesson is to learn from all the other listings and bold, CAPS, underline and italicize the statement: "Please ask all questions before bidding." and also reiterate the "No Returns or Refunds" statement.

    Maybe I’m over-analyzing this. Here is the transcript of messages… Opinions?

    Buyer's message after receipt of item:
    Hi ... I received the card case today. Just wanted to tell you that I am a little disappointed since the Kate Spade New York part is very worn...it's not as obvious in the pictures. But very, very obvious in person. I wish that you had mentioned this in the listing...I'd love to return it if possible. Thanks.

    My response to buyer’s message:
    I am sorry, but there is no return option detailed in listing. The item was not misrepresented in anyway. Unfortunately, I never received a question from you in order for me to clear anything up. Had I known you had any doubt, I would have clarified by explaining it to you and sending additional pictures.

    Despite this, if you would still like a refund, I will give you the amount you paid for the actual item: $16.50

    Please let me know what you would like to do. Thanks.

    :girlsigh: Thank you for listening/reading… :flowers:
  2. don't give it to her if she wants a refund give it to her after she returns it.
  3. I know, I know, it hurts... because we take it personal. People who deal with this every day would say that we are nut, we make ourselves crazy, and we should just ignore this buyer...

    If you did state "no return", you should just refer her to the listing for more info. I hate to put up w/ unreasonable request. I do view feedback, but I do read carefully what the neg is about, and I do check out the one who gives neg feedback to have a sense of what might have happened, so I am calling you all, if you ever leave a neg feedback, pls more details, don't just call names or vague description 'cause others rely on your feedback to make their decision.
  4. Ugh, that is so annoying. :cursing: I totally understand how you are feeling because I have been selling things on ebay lately and it is so very frustrating dealing with some of these people. Every time I list new stuff and have some crazy potential buyers who send rude emails I always swear off ebay but like a sick twisted relationship, I'm always going back for more torture. :shame:

    You did not mislead her in any way and like you said she never contacted you with any concerns/questions about the item so how were you to know what she was looking for. If you had detailed pictures and she couldn't see the condition with her own eyes, then she SHOULDN'T HAVE BID :cursing: These kind of buyers make me :nuts: Not to mention you sold it for only $16.50, is she kidding me by asking for a refund? If it was $100 and she wasn't satisfied with it, I'd understand her asking for a return but for $16.50, that is insulting. I would not give her the refund, no way. :nogood:
  5. Wow, it sounds like you have been more than fair. And to want to return an item because of some fading that cost $16 seems a little ridiculous to me!
  6. What a sweet seller you are!!! What the h-e double hockey sticks do they want? Brand new(Insert item name)... let me give it to you at no cost??? Nah..... there'd still be SOMETHING to gripe about! GAH!!!
  7. Wow! You are wayyyy too nice! If anything give her a refund but ask her to return your card case. Don't let her buyer's remorse pity you into charity
  8. Okay, it's decided. I will refund w/ receipt of item. :yes:

    Tok- I considered not giving the refund first off, but I'd already sent her the email, and extending that option. I was such a push-over in this case... :nogood:

    Despite what thuha brings up--about buyers reading into negative feedback and disriminating between the legitimate ones and just nonsense ones--I tend to still be apprehensive, because I don't want things to go down over something that was sold for under $20... KWIM.

    Thank you everyone for your feedback and support... :flowers:
  9. yes, you are def way too nice. kudos to you for doing that! i would of told her where to go.. haha.
  10. I'm glad you decided what to do. That is really nice of you to refund her money. Ebayers just get me all riled up sometimes. :boxing:

    So the question now is; are you going to keep the card case or try to sell it again? :confused1:
  11. You're a great seller --- don't feel bad at all. Some people are just idiots. This reminds me of another of my "favorites" ---

    "Item OK..." or "Transcation OK..."

    What do you mean, OK? You just got an amazing deal, the item is in pristine condition, it was packaged nicely, I sent it within 24 hours, and it's "OK"?!