RANT!! --> anyone seen any Grey Inclusion GM's??

  1. Hi all, I'm looking for a GREY INCLUSION GM... preferably from a store. I know the chances are slim, but I'm just really UPSET right now. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    I posted this thread (http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton-shopping/omg-so-i-received-empty-box-today-vuitton-232127.html) about a month ago about my grey inclusion pm stolen from the FedEx package and barely got my refund 2 weeks ago.

    Anyways, my boyfriend had bought me the GM from the store because it was the only size there and he felt bad that I didn't get my PM from vuitton.com... and what can I say, but I LOVE the bracelet...

    Jump to this past saturday, we were having a family get together for my Grandfather's birthday, and I'm helping my aunt make desserts, so I take my big clunky GM inclusion off and set it on the counter. We finish making deserts and continue on... as we're about to leave I realize that I forgot to put my bracelet back on... and IT'S GONE.

    Mind you ONLY family members were invited, and (at least I thought) no one is that shady. -My poor mom felt so bad because she knows how hard they are to find, and it was a gift from my BF, that she started digging trough the trash can hoping that someone accidentally threw it away. NOTHING. Even my poor 87 year old grandma was moving furniture to look for it. -I know it just didn't disappear, and I don't want to jump to conclusions, but WTH?? The situation is too much for me to handle at this point.

    Maybe I'm just not meant to own ANY grey inclusion pieces. -But I'm praying that one is out there so I can replace it -and my BF doesn't feel horrible that I lost it.

    SORRY for ANOTHER rant... that's all I feel like I'm doing in the LV forum these days, but even if I can't find another one I know you guys will make me feel better about it :heart:
  2. How terrible!!!
    My store had them pretty recently...Fashion Valley. They usually have them, more so than the PM. Here's the number:
    (619) 220-8565.
  3. ^^^ Thanks a bunch Rebecca! I will call them tomorrow... This is in San Diego, right? (If I remember correctly, you're located in SD)

    -would you happen to know when they open? and do you work with anyone in particular? I usually get horrible SA phone service @ any LV I call... :s
  4. You're welcome! And yup, you're right. :yes:
    I like Natalie (the manager), Stacey, Mary Ann or Shari (I think that's her name, I feel bad when I don't remember it since she's such a sweetie).
  5. Janny, I'm so sorry to hear that your new grey inclusion bracelet was stolen, especially that it happened during a family gathering. Hopefully, the bracelet will "mysteriously" re-appear given that the person (thief) knows that everyone was on the lookout for the bracelet. Wishing you the best of luck in tracking down another grey GM bracelet.
  6. So sorry!!!!! I hope you find another one!
  7. sorry that happened, I lost my new yurman ring, not cheap! Im wondering if someone stole it too. sucks!
  8. hope u iwll find one... call the usual places e.g LV.com, elux....
  9. I was just in Las Vegas this past weekend and I saw the Grey Inclusion GM bracelet - I think it was at the Wynn LV store, but call all of the LVs in Vegas since I think I saw them at a few of the other stores except I didn't visit the Sak's LV counter at Fashion Show. Good luck!!!