RANT! Am i normal to feel so offended? Experience with Dior SA's & purchasing Diorama

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  1. #1 Jul 18, 2016
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    Hello! I would like to share my story today. Sorry if it's a bit long and nothing dramatic really. Background is i'm not an impulse shopper, i don't follow brands & trends but i'm comfortable with spending big. It was the first time shopping at my local Dior store..here's my experience.

    I was looking around in the Dior store and zoomed in on the Diorama in blue lambskin pretty quickly. The shop was closing & i wanted to do more 'research' before deciding so i didn't purchase anything that day. The SA was the sweetest, most polite guy ever. I was very impressed with his service! He said that the Diorama had another blue in grained calfskin but they were sold out completely in my country & was not sure if there was any new shipment coming. He promised he would call me if there was new shipment for grained calf or when the stock for the blue lambskin is running low (he told me there was 3 pieces left in-store).

    Fast forward 2 days later, i went back to Dior. Thinking how happy it would be to see him again! I couldn't stop thinking about the bag & was super excited to go back and thinking how amazing a day it was gonna be. I decided to drop by another Dior first to try it on without the 'pressure' if you know what i mean, it was a mere 10mins walk from either stores anyway. I could have waited to purchase it in Europe as i'll be there in 2 months. It costs a whopping SGD5100 & i was willing to drop an extra $1500 just to get it now. While i was there, i found out that there was THE blue grained calfskin version available. And that the blue lambskin had super low stock. 2 in the current boutique and a display piece left in the first store i visited 2 days back. I was seriously offended. I thought he was a great SA, super friendly and all, but was a liar & did not fufill his promises on calling me when stocks were low. He was just patronising me because i had no 'relationship' with my local Dior boutique?

    Anyway the other Dior store i went, the SA was annoying as hell as well. He kept telling me if i wanted to take my time to decide, then come back awhile later (which i did not even mention anything about leaving. I just arrived 5 mins ago??) it may sell out by then. So i should just buy it now. UGH. I bought it anyway. But these experiences left a scar & bad impression on me. I am not keen to return to Dior boutiques in future.

    I know i may be too sensitive and whatnot, but this is really a turn off. Maybe i expected way too much. Idk. But if im spending money, i'm buying the experience too. I want to sit down, take my time, feel pampered, you know!?!?! I'm not the demanding or argumentative sort for sure!
    This isn't the first time it happened too. Many years back, there were 2 trench blazer coats i really wanted to buy which they didnt have my size for. They promised to bring in the sizes the next day along with some of the bags i was eyeing. They were all smiley , promising to call the nx day. Guess what? No call ever came in. Because of that that first bad impression, i refused to step into Dior. It literally took me years before i was willing to give them another shot. But sad to say, still as disappointed. They are really nice, the moment they realise you will be buying something.

    Sorry for long rant. Just really fed up with these SA's judging people & stuff. I mean how hard is it to just make a couple of phone calls!?!??????? Sorry if i may come off as self-entitled =(
    Will post pics of bag soon
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    8663.jpg Here are the blue diorama's i mentioned.
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  3. You have every right to feel that way. That sounds like horrendous customer service.
  4. So which one did you get! Pics please!!! Sorry the sa wasn't very honest. Not sure where you live but I have a great SA in the us that works out of Saks if you ever need one.
  5. your bag is gorgeous!!! That is so sad to hear about the terrible service. I went into the Dior boutique in Las Vegas to purchase a pair of sunglasses and they were really nice! It is upsetting to get snobbish service at a high end boutique. I would be upset like you to be treated that way as well. I hope you are enjoying your lovely purse though?
  6. sorry OP you felt offended. you are talking about Singapore's Dior boutiques right? Somehow I can relate to how you feel, my experience were not consistent, sometimes it was super good (I just bought a LD in april this year), sometimes it was bad (I went straight to LV because I felt that they were not interested in serving me).

    I think it really differs from SA to SA. It's hard to find one that really clicks with you. Also they are mere human too......Give them another chance.

    The dioramas are gorgeous, which did you pick?
  7. you need to write to the store manager and complain.
    if you wriite to them/dior head office they will reprimand/fire the appropriate employee
    it is no good writing it here...we cant do anything about it only write replies to you
    the correct thing to do is to complain to dior.

    i am sure they will not be happy their employees treat you like this.
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  8. to get fired over this sounds too extreme...
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  9. When you step in DIOR as a newbie client the SAs are mostly nice. I have to admit, DIOR's SA do judge unlike LV ones. I realised before you purchase anything they promise this and that if anything happens to your bags or etc but it's totally different story when you have a problem. Say you bought a bag from another boutique and bumped into a SA who served you before, immediately they will start to treat you differently. That's what I experienced and noticed but it might be different in other countries. As for phone calls, a lot of SAs do keep empty promises, not every SA would call.
  10. I went to the Singapore dior boutique at Ion Orchard in March, looking for a black diorama woc. The SA asked me where have i seen the bag in black. She told me that the woc is not available in black. I didn't believe her, so 2 days later i tried calling the Ngee Ann City boutique to enquire. The SA there said they have it and it's retailing at $1600. Apparently, some SAs don't know what they are talking about.
  11. Agree. It's very common.
  12. I am so sorry to hear about this as my own Dior stores have been wonderful at all times. Dont let it take the shine off your new purchase, enjoy her because at the end of the day it is about your bag and not the experience in store, that experience will fade but the bag is forever - xxx
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  13. Thank you for your kinds words!

    I got the blue lambskin in medium, i will post pics really soon! I live in Singapore, thanks for offering =)

    Thank you :smile: It feels nice knowing that you ladies understand what i'm talking about when it comes to bad service. Definitely in love with my new purchase though, no regrets for sure!

    Guess i was really offended the day that i discovered their blatant two-faced act. I'm fine now haha! I bought the lambskin one :smile:

    At that moment i really thought about calling up the first SA personaly (i have his business card, they give it out really easily in Singapore), to tell him how i felt. But oh well... i'll just never purchase anything from him and so will my friends too. :P

    Actually i was treated quite well, probably because i wasn't dressed too shabbily, it's just the lying and empty promises that is so annoying... I guess you are right! Out of all the high end luxury boutiques that said they would 'call back', 8/10 will not.

    Ikr!!! How frustrating especially when we are serious in purchasing and trying to hunt a particular item down. :annoyed:

    Thank you, i will learn to take it less personally i guess :P
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    8833.jpg 8834.jpg 8837.jpg 8835.jpg Here is my mini reveal ... :P
  15. Sounds like terrible service. I've only really had positive experiences at Dior and with most other brands, but there are times when SAs do make mistakes, and I think it's because of a lack of product/service knowledge rather than malicious intent. I usually don't inquire about stock in other stores because I tend to got to them myself to see them in person. I guess I don't usually like getting them to hold a particular piece for me (should it arrive in stock) because I feel immense pressure to buy it if they do, so I just do my own stock search.

    Sometimes SAs get busy and forget, and it's disrespectful to customers but I can imagine how difficult it is to remember to call everyone and remember all of their requests. A very good SA usually records every request in an agenda and then reviews the requests to see if he/she's missed anything.

    From the story I thought you picked the grained calfskin somehow. Congratulations! The blue is beautiful!
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