Rant about Saturday delivery

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  1. It is so annoying to me that LV won't deliver on Saturdays! I've never heard of a retailer doing that. Even if you pay to ship overnight, they won't make a UPS delivery on a Saturday. Wonder why that is. Anyone know???
  2. I have no clue about US but in EU it depends on when the postal service is delivering! Not ordered online in my country yet because I always had the store to fall back on but they seem to use DHL and DHL also delivers on Saturdays. So their postal service here rocks!

    You're obviously waiting on something, what is it? :lol:
  3. LOL - wish I was waiting on something! No, I was debating placing an order today for a pochette accessories, but when I realized I couldn't get it till next week, I decided to shop around on the site a little longer!
  4. UPS will make a saturday delivery if you get two day airmail or something like that... But I'm not sure if client services can offer that or not... I've never done it through LV.
  5. They won't - I begged! :smile:
  6. Aww that stinks. :sad: That's odd. You think they would want to have shipping options available to fit even the most discerning of customers! (and I'm being serious!)
  7. Could be related to mothers days shipments?
  8. Even Amazon delivers on Saturdays. And sometimes Sundays.:smile::smile::smile:
  9. Last Valentine's Day, I received a UPS package from LV on a Saturday, it was shipped next day air.
  10. I thought I saw on the LV site that they could deliver by mothers day, so wouldn't that be Saturday since today is Friday? I just know because I was thinking about ordering something and I saw that little note in the corner near the purchase price.
  11. but on Sundays they use the USPS system or random people in cars. i had delivery by a guy on a bike a few months ago. i was seriously humored by that. i'm waiting for them to start rolling out drone delivery...:smile:
  12. I mean maybe they had an order by date for the Saturday delivery and OP didn't make it.
  13. I called and talked to 3 different people (yesterday and today) and they all told me that there was no Saturday delivery. Yesterday, there was something on the website that said if you ordered by 12 pm 5/5, you were guaranteed delivery by Mother's Day. Not sure if that meant they'd overnight it so you would receive it today, or what. But they specifically said no delivery on Saturdays. I think that's just crazy!
  14. Yes, I see that on the website right now! I guess that did mean they would overnight for delivery today then.
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