RANT about NM in Newport Beach...terrible service. Really long, sorry.

  1. I am so :cursing: right now. About a month ago I had NM in Newport Beach send me a Chanel J12 with diamond bezel...over $9000.00, right?? Well, I received it and I was not "feeling" it for that much money and it was to be my one solitary super expensive (for me) watch. I went to Fed Ex to send it back and Fed Ex will not insure watches or jewelry for over $1000. So, I called the SA at NM in Newport Beach (who is also the manager) and he told me I had to go to the USPS, and the watch would be insured and delivered by an armed courier company. OK, I HATE THE POST OFFICE (no offense meant if anyone works for USPS) because it takes forever to wait in line, etc.

    So, I asked if NM could send me a pre paid Fed Ex shipping label because HELLO they sent it to me via Fed Ex to begin with. I was told "No" and was given a rude explanation as to why they would not.

    I had take 3 hours off of work to drive the stupid watch all the way to Palo Alto to return it. My wonderful SA in Precious Jewels there returned it and apologized profusely for the NM Newport Beach's lack of customer service (I did not even go into the non-returned phone calls from the NM Newport Beach's mgr.prior to my returning it)

    So, that was a MONTH ago and my SA at Palo Alto had overnighted the watch to NM Newport Beach, called the next day to confirm it's arrival and the same jerk manager/SA at Newport Beach said it was credited to my account.

    It has been a month and still NO CREDIT! My NM account has over $9000 on it from a watch I have not had for a month. I have called the SA/mgr. at Newport and he keeps telling me it was credited. Obviously it has not and now my account is past due with a minimum payment of $1500 due.

    I am so :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: . Now the NM SA just plain won't return my phone calls.... I am going to call the store GM today and complain I think. This is absolutely ridiculous. Sorry for the long rant, but I am so angry at this SA, who is a manager, not refunding my card AND not returning my phone calls. My Palo Alto SA called him again too and the Newport SA is refusing to talk to him too, saying he "credited my account a month ago." This is craziness!!!
  2. OMG I am so sorry about all of this! I, too, would be so mad. Keep us posted:yes:
  3. $9000!!! I can't believe that! I know that sometimes it takes a few days for a credit to show up on your card, but a month! You anger is well deserved! Have you tried explaining the situation to NM credit division? Maybe you should get them to call the SA who claims to have given you the credit, and let the SA explain why you still don't have the credit on your account. Thats the only thing I can think of since the SA is refusing to take your calls or call you back. Let us know how it turns out. Good luck with everything.
  4. Wow! That is kind of scary! Do you have the receipts? I would also contact the CC company and ask for their help if you haven't already.
  5. Do you have your receipt (or any kind of paperwork) from the return? If you can get it, I would lay hands on all documentation (original receipt/order history, credit card statement, shipping bills, both
    SAs name and department) and contact NM Customer Service at their 800 # or online. They can pull a history of the purchase and should be able to correct the credit issue. At the very least, you should demand that your bill be put in suspense (with no credit report) until they are able to investigate and verify the chain of event. That really sucks...I hope you get it taken care of to your satisfaction quickly!
  6. I've had horrible service at NM Newport Beach as well. So sorry for your nightmare of an experience. Once they receive the return, it should only take a few days to process it and credit your account. I'd definitely escalate it past the manager.
  7. Yes, I do have the receipts from the return. Thank goodness, because usually I am the queen of shredding everything because I just assume people will take care of things like, for instance a $9000 credit! I actually called my CC two weeks ago about this and they offered to call and I told them that I would give it just a little longer. I just assumed that it would be handled by now. I have had better luck returning a $60 cosmetics item at NM than a $9000 watch.
  8. OMG that is shocking, honestly. Incredibly sorry to hear about this horrible experience you're going through, and i do feel for you-- something similar has happened to me with my local department store (myer) saying they'd credited a large amount of money from a double-charge (grr) but in actual fact they DIDN'T... and it tooks MONTHS of calling the store, speaking to the manager, calling the bank etc etc before it was sorted out. But at least it was sorted out eventually! I hope that happens for you too. Good luck!
  9. i thought only their online/phone customer service are rude! i used to do online shopping at NM and when i have inquiries i always encounter :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: SA's!

    here's a good example....i ordered a D&G handbag and when it came....no dustbag! i called....and the person i talked to said...'why do you need a dust bag for?' can you believe that? a premier designer bag worth $$$ and hell asked why you need a dust bag???? their ignorance masked by arrogance never fails to amuse me!

    i hate going to a NM store too....there's a sense of/atmosphere of shallowness from the SA's (of course, not all) they seize you up and dont want to waste their time for lurkers....instead of enticing them to buy by being accomodating, they have this judgemental look.

    i guess your SA just a sour loser for a lost sale of $9K and in his own wicked way...wants to give you a hard time. Call corporate office and question the SA's customer service ethics.

    yesterday, i got an email from NM....survey of what store you go online (lots but no NM), how much you buy ($$$$), site you visit (Purse Forum, etc but no NM) and lastly, how many times you return (a lot due to incompetent SA's) comments on NM customer service....arrogants!

    whew! thanks for the thread....its good to let it out and rant!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear your story because what happened to you is just wrong. This only adds to my decision over a year ago to only shop at Saks. I hope you'll get this cleared off your account soon - I know everything will work out just fine!! :flowers:
  11. Yikes. That is unacceptable
  12. That is unbelieveable! I was getting angry just reading your post lol! I do hope you get it resolved soon!
  13. dang. this is just ridiculous i hope you resolve everything soon.
  14. what????

    he's kinda reminding me about the eBay seller that take ur money and things!LOL!
  15. That's totally unacceptable! I'd call up the GM at Newport Beach and demand that he solve the problem TODAY! This is the NM that I shop at, and I have never had any problem with the SAs in handbags. But my former co-worker had such a bad experience with a cosmetics SA that she ended up taking them to small claims court and won. When it involves finances and credit, they have to address the issue right away. I'm livid just reading your post. I hope you'll give the GM an earful and that you get everything resolved today.