Rant about National Jean Company (long)

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  1. I ordered a few tees from National Jean Company on Thursday night for $199.20. I received a shipping notice for part of my order on Friday. The rest of Friday I went about my business, bought contacts, went to a restaurant, etc.

    I logged onto my bank account online that night just to check up on things, and much to my surprise I had a negative balance (when I should've had at least a couple of hundred dollars)! I looked at my account activity and freaked out because there were two charges from "Paypal check card," one for $200.20 and one for $65.60 (in addition to the NJC charge for $133.60 for my partial shipment). I hadn't bought anything using Paypal in... at least a year (I sell a lot on ebay though), so I immediately changed my Paypal password and called my bank.

    My bank said that the $200.20 charge would drop off overnight. I filed a fraud claim against the $65.60 Paypal charge and canceled my debit card in case someone had the numbers. After hanging up and calming down I realized that the charges must have all been from NJC. Now, I shop A LOT online, from a variety of stores ( Shopbop, Revolve, Chick Downtown, Saks, NM, Barneys, Bloomies, ProFlowers, Folica, the list goes on), and using both my debit and credit cards, and I have NEVER had this happen before. Usually stores hold the money to make sure you have the funds, which drops off after a day or two, and then charge you when the order ships, which shows up 3-5 business days later. And the thing is, I've ordered from them before and this didn't happen!

    I e-mailed them last night but since it's the weekend CS probably isn't there. I'm so upset that they held $200 extra of my money for a day without informing me, which caused me to overdraft, and didn't have the name of their business on the charges, which made me think my Paypal account was hacked or my debit card was stolen (and now I have to wait a week to get my new card). I hope I at least get an apology from them.

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. i dont understand how njc had your paypal card number. i'm confused about this.