Rant about my Professor @!*$%#!!

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  1. So I'm taking a summer course at the local community college. And well...my professor is so incompetant!!!

    It's a distance learning course...so I am doing it via computer over a system called Blackboard. he can upload assignments, documents, tests, etc.

    Well the course ends this coming monday...we still have two tests to take...and he hasn't put them up online yet!!!!!

    He never answers my emails...his dates are all wrong...the test questions are unclear...and the list goes on

    I called him twice and he just sounds like a moron. Doesn't know how to answer my questions. I'm definitely giving him a negative teacher eval...

    I mean I pay tuition, my parents pay taxes!!! And this is what I get??:cursing:

    This is the email I wrote him...I hope its not too harsh...but I don't really care because this is my grade...and I take school very seriously, unlike he.

    Hello Professor,

    I would just like to voice my concern over this course. I have many complaints and I hope they can be addressed accordingly. I would also like a response to this email because all the emails I have ever send have never gotten a response (that is one of the complaints).

    The Tests #3 and 5 have still not been posted on BB as you may know. This has been holding me back. I do not appreciate this. If you are having technical difficulties please have them addressed and notify the class and not wait until we have to ask. You should have posted these tests and had blackboard finalized way before classes started.

    Also, in the "Practice Tests and Other Interesting data" folder under the Assignments tab, has all the wrong chapters listed as the practice tests. Some overlap, some do not exist. It does not match the schedule you gave us. This is very confusing!! I don't know which is which or what to study. I would like this corrected as soon as possible. It is quite a hindrance to my understanding of the course.

    I do not appreciate your inefficiency and unpreparedness. Even when I have called you, you did not properly answer any of my questions and left me with more. As a taxpayer, I would expect more. Or maybe I simply get what i pay for. Regardless, this is an education and I should expect better. I hate to send such a scathing email but I feel it is in order in this situation because I have been ignored as a student. I continue to give my honest effort in this class and it has not been reciprocated by you.

    Thank you for you time and attention to this matter. I expect a timely response.


    P.S. Having sent various emails with no response, I will send multiple emails from different sites in hopes that you receive one. Please disregard all repeats.

    Sorry I just had to rant...I feel a little better now :shame:
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    Hmm that is pretty bold. I personally would never write a note like that to my professor before the course ended. Your grade is not even finalized yet and chances are if you have a borderline grade that could be bumped up or down, the probability that he will be more gracious just got reduced.

    I also think there was a nicer and more respectful way to address your feelings towards your professor. It is not very professional and a bit rude to write some of things you wrote such as " I do not appreciate your inefficiency and unpreparedness. Even when I have called you, you did not properly answer any of my questions and left me with more. As a taxpayer, I would expect more. Or maybe I simply get what i pay for. Regardless, this is an education and I should expect better. "

    I realize you are upset, but have you tried going to his office and meeting with him in person? I think you should call him or email him and ask him for an appointment and address your concerns in person.

    It can be hard to communicate via email and the phone especially over the summer when a lot of professors are on vacation. There is also a chance that this is not the only class he is teaching and there may be a reason why he hasn't been able to respond to you sooner.

    I hope things work out well, but from personal experience it is better to discuss these types of things in person rather than via email regardless of whether it is online distance learning course or lecture course.
  3. whoa, i agree with socal, i would never be so blunt when my grade is finalized yet!! maybe i'd speak to someone of higher power about my concerns and see if that person could talk to the professor. it would be much more anonymous. i too have used blackboard, and it can be hard (and can be easy). but luckily i had a great professor, the other was so so but it didnt effect my grade much because if i had any problems i saw her in office, or i emailed, or called her. thankfully she was able to write me back asap!! good luck!!
  4. i have records of my grades...all my assignments were turned in on time...I have an A in the class...if one "mysteriously" gets changed...I'll just challenge it. I admit it is a little harsh but just talking to this guy on the phone is so exasperating. He does not get it. I have never had a professor like this before. Perhaps this will catch his attention and he will finally listen to me!

    And see, that's the thing about community colleges...there's no hierarchy...there's no one I can go to! there's no accountability and this aggravates me. Just because I'm taking an online course does not mean he can neglect the students. He has a duty to provide us with the adequate assignments we need. We are all going to be scrambling to get two tests done when i could have had them done weeks ago!
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    That is not what I meant at all. No professor would deliberately change grades like that. There is ethics in academia.

    You still haven't taken the last 2 exams yet so you don't know what could happen. What I meant was that let's say you ended with 89.5 and a 90 is an A. He could decide to give you an A or a B if you have a straight grading scale. If someone was rude to me I would not give them the benefit of being gracious.

    AND yes people can have a 89.5 and one can get an A because the professor knows the student worked their butt off and will give them the benefit and another student who skated by and did not put effort into the class wound up with a B. Borderline grades are always subjective, so their really isn't anything to challenge.
  6. i spoke to one of the deans of my community college about a class i had before, and everything was taken care of. try that??
  7. Whoa :wtf: That email is way too harsh...There are so many things wrong with it. First off you didn't even address the man with his name, big nono. And the part you bolded, that's just plain rude and disrespectful. I have experience with Blackboard and I have seen it from the teacher's side also, it's not that easy to use (I thought anyway?).

    If you haven't sent this email yet, keep it in your drafts and maybe send it when the course is over. If he has not posted the other exams online, he cannot grade you for them and they won't be a part of your final grade.

    And there absolutely IS a heirarchy at community colleges. I went to CC during my senior year of high school and had some problems with one course, so I went to the dean and the head of my department to talk about them.
  8. Agree, that was way too harsh and unprofessional. I agree with socal, if you were borderline he can have every right not to graciously 'bump you up' to the next half grade mark. I would NEVER send a professor that sort of email. Just because its community college, dosent really give you a right to speak to him that way. Perhaps something came up or maybe their is technical difficulites with the website. I used blackboard during undergrad and it was rather annoying sometimes, maybe you should go to his office hours. I am just shocked you sent an email like that, thats just tacky. Obviously, hes well aware that the class ends on monday, you have plenty of days to take the exam. In college, we knew before the quarter ended when the final would be, but never got the study sheets until 2 days before the final, so technically I think hes ok. Good luck.
  9. As someone who is on the other side and works as an academic, I would be concerned about this email. I should stress that I am quite open to constructive feedback and would hope all my students can approach me if they have concerns, but the tone of this message is well, rude and I perceive it as bordering on the threatening. I guess this is one of the pitfalls of email as a communication medium.

    I think you are entitled to express your disappointment and to raise your specific complaints about the course but I do think you should do so courteously and moderately. I understand it may be difficult to speak directly to the academic concerned, but a polite letter would seem preferable to me.

    I don't mean to sound critical, but the overall flavour of the email you posted would upset me if I were your Professor. I think you can retain the core of what you what to say and make your point but in a way that is a bit more professional e.g. use his/her name, avoid the personalised criticism and unsolicited 'advice' on how he/she should have prepared, remove the bold effect from the font and not frame your complaints with reference to being a taxpayer.

    This is just my opinion, but I think there may be a better way to resolve this situation. I hope things work out for you (and your Professor).
  10. Wow, good luck once you transfer to a real university, if you do. That kind of attitude, no matter how "incompetent" you think a professor is, will NOT fly. Good luck on the tests that you need to take as well. If this guy is as incompetent as you think he is, well, he will make your grade reflect your tactless approach.
  11. That email was a bit harsh and kind of disrespectful. I am taking 3 classes online. Instructors have other classes online and on campus. They get busy and they make mistakes. They usually make compensation when they do not put provide material in a timely manner, I know one of my instructors did. You should have contacted someone else that might have been able to help you. I hope this gets resolved for you.
  12. I am sorry that you feel that your professor is inadequate. However, that does not give you the right to send such a nasty email. You should have made an appointment to see him to discuss the class and the problems that you are having with the online course. I understand the same frustrations that you have,but I also understand the professors have lives and are human too. Also, I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but some professors have been known to complain about students who are disrespectful and the students have gotten kicked out of class regardless of their A average and being so close to the end of the course.Thus, the student is forced to retake the course. Also, I don't see what the relevance of being a tax payer in regards to this particular problem with the class. I think if you have not sent that email then don't. If you have, I think you need to apologize because it is really inconsiderate and unprofessional on your part. There are much better ways to handle this situation than with harsh emails.
  13. And this gives you the right to be disrespectful to another human being?
  14. OP,

    i am so sorry that your professor was under performance. i had some similar experience, we just complain among ourselves. nobody ever brought it up to our dept dean or our program advisor. i kept quiet. now i think back i should have done that.

    but i think you letter was not done as properly as it should be, mentioning your concern is one thing, telling him he is this and that is bit much. afterall, you are a student and he's a professor. it's still a school environment, you should take this as a lesson and learn to be deplomatic about stuff like that. i was very proud and bit rude to one of my professor. she failed me. and my advisor asked me if i pissed her off. so ppl knew it but you should be smart about it. the advisor is not going to defend me and offend her...KWIM? after all, they work togehter. i know it's not the purpose of education but we need to learn to co-exist esp tolerate those so called professors.
    wish you the best!!
  15. Unfortunately, the professors dole out the grades and while I agree that if the tests are not posted in an appropriate time period to allow students to take said tests, it should be discussed with the professor, HOWEVER, that certainly does not give you a right to be rude and condescending towards the professor. Is there even a remote possibility that there was some extenuating circumstance that prevented the professor from posting the exams?

    Regardless of how upset you are at a person of authority, there's no excuse for rudeness. A simple inquiry of when the tests would be posted would have sufficed.

    Never burn bridges, you never know when you need a letter of recommendation. And no one should feel "entitled" to an education, it's a privilege.