Rant about Japan Air Line

  1. My dad injured his hip very badly while overseas in Asia and he's returning home early to have surgury. I called Japan Air Lines which we easily fly a dozen times a year. All I asked was that a note be put into his file that if he could be upgraded to business class if there is room, as a courtesy, just so he could have some extra leg room.

    Somehow, this turned into a huge deal where they were attempting to charge him for the upgrade. HELLO, I am *NOT* authorized to incur extra charges on my dad's account. I did not have his account number, his flight number, or card number. I could be some random stranger!

    I cannot believe (a) the fact that a simple request like "Keep my father in mind if there is an extra seat in business class" turned into a one hour fiasco (b) a perfect stranger could call JAL and run up somebody's account without having any of their information.

    Geez. Thanks for letting me rant. I guess I'm just worried about my dad, that's really the only reason I called. I hope I haven't made any trouble for him and he ends up with a surprise bill.
  2. Has he been on that flight yet?
  3. That sucks!!! I was ill on BA one time back from Paris and they ferried me around in those motorized carts within the airport and then gave me a row of seats with just me so I could lay down. I am so sorry to hear about this. From Japan Airlines too!
  4. No, his flight is tomorrow. :sad:
  5. IntlSet, I hope your dad is okay. Hugs and prayers going your way :heart::flowers:
  6. Don't worry, the Japanese are very compassionate and once he is in front of them, I am hoping they will do all they can to help him have a comfortable flight. JAL has always been great when I had to fly with a newborn. Hope you dad recovers soon.
  7. Oh no, that's terrible customer service ! Sorry to hear about your dad's injury too. :sad:
  8. japan airlines has HORRIBLE customer service. they're getting worse recently too. i'm japanese but i would NEVER fly JAL unless i have to. :yes:
  9. Wow... that's pretty surprising! I always assumed that JAL was one of the best airlines. As a person who frequently flies internationally I have so many horror stories (like the time that an airline accidentally thought that my connecting flight was cancelled and called me out of the check-in line only to find out that it was NOT and made DRIVE all the way to the next airport in order to catch my flight out of the U.S.)...
    You'd think with all the $$ people pay to fly their airline (even if it is coach! it's still expensive) they would try to be more concerned with customer service!!!

    Hope everything works out for your dad!
  10. I'm so sorry IntlSet! That's actually kind of scary that you can do things like that to someone else's account just by knowing that person's name. I agree that JAL does not have the best customer service...I've refused to call them anymore. Hope your dad recovers completely when he gets back!