Rant about inconsiderate people on rainy days. Does this bother you too?

  1. Carrying an open umbrella takes up a lot of room on the sidewalk. Whenever I pass people, I usually tilt, lift, or lower my umbrella so I don't block other people's paths. Usually I make eye contact with other people so we can figure out which way to move our umbrellas and not hit each other.

    But there's always one or two people who don't move and bump right into you without batting an eye or slowing down. There are also people who stand in the middle of the sidewalk while everyone struggles to maneuver around them to get where they're going and out of the rain. :cursing:

    Oh and I hate morning weather reports that promise sunshine by the afternoon when instead the sky is dark and it pours all day.
  2. Yes! I'm always afraid I will get my eye poked out. It is very annoying, I am with you.
  3. Yeah. that gets pretty annoying. I usually just walk on the grass to avoid the other person.
  4. I could rant about people just in normal weather. Don't get me started! lol
  5. Yep! Especially when they have a random spike sticking out ready to poke your eye out
  6. You're just lucky you're getting rain. We are hurting here in Virginia.
  7. I guess I haven't walked in the rain in crowds enough to notice that as a problem, but it just seems like common courtesy to make room so others can pass. But some people don't even do that when it's not raining which is pretty rude IMO.
  8. I have a car so rarely come into contact with peeps with umbrellas.
  9. Yes! Inconsiderate people bother me very much! I especially hate it when they turn so fast that all the rain from their umbrellas pour onto me, not to mention the almost getting poked in the eye moments.
  10. I think people in crowds are generally very rude. Well, at least they are in London. I like to observe how people behave... you can tell a lot about somebody by the way they act when commuting to work, especially in the mornings... a lot of women get really competitive about trivial thungs such as getting a seat or entering the carriage. I always think "I bet you're the office's b***". I've also seen guys get into a physical FIGHT over a seat... not very pleasant, ad this is professional people in suits I am talking about. As Jmakemyday mentioned, rain just makes things worse -people seem so unhappy and ready to punch you in the face, you just want to not be there.