*rant* about fakes~

  1. ok, i just gotta rant about this.

    so i was at a show with my bf over the weekend and i noticed this lady decked out in *chanel*. i'm talking "chanel" rhinestone earrings, cambon reporter and "chanel" pumps. she was a walking advertisement.

    being a chanel freak, i trailed her for a couple seconds to admire the bag. and to my horror, it was a FAKE!:shocked: it had the wrong zipper pulls. think luxe bowler zipper on a cambon reporter with a lopsided chanel logo.:throwup::throwup::throwup:


    why do people do that?

    it's bad enough when one carries a fake... but the top to toe thing is just :censor::censor::censor:!
  2. :shrugs: :throwup:
  3. Ha Ha:roflmfao: :lol: . I like the way you use the smilies to describe that woman, I would :throwup: too.
  4. :throwup: :throwup: Some people are just like that!!
  5. some` people scare me....
  6. Haha I totally agree.
    I've seen sooo many Chanel bags around school and it turns out they are mostly all fakes.
    UGh. It makes me feel like people are going to think that mine is fake too
  7. you shd went up to her and ask how much she paid for the purse and see what's her reaction. lol...
  8. lol
    she went to the extreme
    what concert were you at ?? what city , state
    just curious
  9. I saw the same thing once, but with louis vuitton.
    It was at the airport in Hong Kong, and this Thai woman had on fake LV jeans, fake LV damier rolling carry-on, fake LV bag (the one with ostrich leather and pleated mono canvas).
    It was TOTALLY ridiculous. I was also asking, WHY WHY WHY
  10. i totally everyone with everyone about fakes.. this one girl i know had a chanel bag at a bar and she just had it sitting at the bar unattended. so i'm like def a fake!! i would NEVER leave a $2,000 purse at a bar!! and i'm pretty sure her chanel earring are fake also.. but i hate how she brags that she loves chanel when she only owns fake!!

  11. hahaha. i know right? do they think we can't tell?!?!?
  12. Oh dear, the answer to this madness is sad and simple.

    Some people have the need to feel "important.":crybaby:

    The worst part is they think that the attention they get is GOOD attention!!!


    I actually feel sorry for these people. They clearly have no insight into their actions.

    So sad.
  13. I saw something similar also!

    This girl in one of my classes had on a Chanel necklace, earrings, and a really bad cambon tote...I mean really, that's just totally over doing it. Normally I wouldn't care but she was plastered in Chanel stuff (jewelry was probably fake). Why do people do this? Wearing one fake is enough!
  14. I see a lot of the Cambon *style* totes. Those big (often white) C's are really easy to put on a purse. Are these women trying to fool others into thinking they splurged on an expensive purse? I don't think so. I think they want to show that they are carrying an up-to-date Chanel *style* bag.

    There are a lot of people out there who think it's stupid to pay so much for a bag, when they can get a copy for a fraction of the price. They think they're getting the "look" without having to spend the money.

    Then, next season, they get another designer look without feeling guilty about the old purse sitting in their closet.

    Sometimes I wish I could be like that. I would be a lot richer... but unfortunately, I love and have to have... the real thing.
  15. I wouldn't do that even if every piece was REAL! I think it's a leeeetle tacky to be so ostentatious....