rant about costco and juicy!!

  1. so abot 2 weeks ago i saw that costco had these juicy couture sunglasses that i looked for and couldnt find anywhere else so of course i got them-the candys style, about 100$. and we all know how costco has this if your not 100% satisfied your money back kind of thing. and they have a 30 day return policy for glasses and one year waranty.

    so yesterday the metal nosepiece completely came off, nail and everything AND i hadnt even worn them yet. they had just been sitting in their box and i had been waiting for the perfect chance to wear them. i was madd of course because these sunglasses broke-brand new!

    so my mom and i went to costco for a full refund and if that was not poosible even though it had not even been 30 days yet, or if worst comes to worst a new pair-hoping they wouldnt break again. so the lady that was there took the glasses out of the box and she was just like " NO YOU CANT RETURN BECAUSE THEY ARENT IN SELLIBLE CONDITION" well clearly! theres something wrong with the workmanship and there is probally a defect with these. so she was playing around with it and she broke the other side of the nose piece so the whole nose thing completly came off. then she made up this excuse like sorry i pulled it too hard. we were like wtf seriously! like we just wanted to return a poor quality pair of sunglasses because they broke! she was like all she could do was put the nose thing back on....but we were thinking they would break again for sure because if it happens one it will happen again most likely. also she said "i cant take them back because they arent in their 'original' condition". well yea clearly because they are pooly made because they broke.

    so we dont know whats going to happen but the fact is, is that it hasnt even been 30 days yet and we are not satisfied with the product at all AND the service.

    i am madd..

    has anyone ever had this happen to their juicy sunglasses or costco? costco has sucky service. at the beginning they were like we cant even fix it for you.

    i have gotten chanel and louis and rayban ones in the past and every time they have had a problem with them, theyve given me a new pair right away. even if it was a year later.
  2. call the store and ask for their corporate number and complain about the lady that was helping you. Costco has the best return policy, maybe the lady was being a hag that day. BUt get her name and call corp.- the managers take those calls very seriously! Or ask to talk to the manager, you'll get your $$$. Tell them you want a cash card for making you go back and forth wasting your gas and time!
  3. i'd dispute the charge with my credit card company, if that is the way you paid.

    i heard costco is not being so generous with their returns, but that is insane.
  4. ask for a customer service number or to speak to a manager. I was told a similar thing when I tried to return a pair of sandals that BROKE the first time I wore them (different store) and the SA tried to tell me the same thing. I asked for the manager and she said it was perfectly fine to refund because the item was defective. sometimes the SAs have bad info.
  5. ugh...i would just glue it on and return it...i'm shaddy aren't i? lol...

    but then i suppose someone else may end up with them and that wouldn't be so good...
  6. I'm surprised! I've never had this issue with Costco. I bought a DVD player in May of '06 and it broke all of a sudden and they took it back about 9 months later.
  7. wow thanks for all your responses! the lady didnt believe that i said the product was defected. she was just like nooo we check everything before. well clearly not. LOL
    i will for sure contact the managers tomorrow

    monicamacatubal vbmenu_register("postmenu_3089530", true); : whats a cash card?
  8. weird, i've seen a lot of people buy clothes at costco, get them stained and etc and they still take it back. i'm sure that if you talked to a manager you'll be fine.
  9. talk to the manager. I saw this in Zara. This chick brought back a top that had come apart att he seams. SHe had her receipt and they SA and Manager told her they couldn't take it back since it wasn't in sellable condition. Of course not it is damamged. I ahte when stores do this. Escalate to customer service if the maanger won't take it back.
  10. That's pretty surprising, I've heard of people buying TVs and such and returning them after like 3 years (I think I heard that on here somewhere). Anyway do call again, that's not your fault they broke.
  11. When a sa gives you crap, ALWAYS ask for their manager. Don't take a no from someone who doesn't have the right to say no.
  12. i hate when certain designers are sold at costco...it's such a turn off...example...cartier...fendi...juicy...wtf???
  13. wow! def talk to someone HIGHER than her!

    I know someone who returned their USEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD mattress to Costco after like how many months are years?!?!?! ( yes..and they have been SLEEPING on it..and among other things too..like drool on it..and yeah u know..)
  14. exchange for the new pair, then return them .. they should be in original condition, right? :smile:
  15. they're usually pretty lenient with returns.... maybe it's just that particular salesperson. if the manager is also rude, try another location?