Rant about Balmain trousers

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  1. http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/64521

    Just wanted to rant about these trousers and see whether any of you have a different view and I am missing something in a sartorial sense. I have tried them on in the store - and yes, they are great, stylish cargo pants. Fantastic fit - I agree you could not get it it from the high street. Details are nice too with the chain-mail inserts - you can dress them up or down. Great piece overall, BUT - £2,559! How can this piece of clothing - cotton trousers with a bit of metal - be priced at such incredible level (and believe me, I do buy expensive things). Balmain or not Balmain. I would not mind to pay designer price, bit not this amount. Have I completely missed the trick?
  2. because its Balmain. Thats how they do. lol
  3. What she said.

  4. Bagfan, I feel your pain. I saw a pair of these on eBay recently but they were too small for me to bid. I think they sold for about $700? Anyway, I really like them but yeah... 5 THOUSAND DOLLARS. Eeesh.
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. Luxury pricing doesn't reflect quality. It's a marketing strategy, as I'm sure you're aware. Balmain (like most other designer brands) pushes the price up to retain exclusivity, because only few consumers will be able to afford it, and the few that do, love the fact few people will pay the price. And the more unattainable something is, the more people will want it. It's a shame for those who love the designs, but that's what luxury branding is all about. And Balmain has always pushed exclusivity to the extreme. That's why they also only have one flagship in the entire world.
  7. yeah what she said :biggrin:
  8. I guess - I understand in theory, but I did see a lot of Balmain peices go on sale in the end of the season and the price get's slashed (still cost a fortune!), which is in my view seriously undermines any exclusivity they aspire to. I
  9. Balmain is really playing up its image. It is very hard to get an account with that brand. But they are going to launch cheaper pieces (not quite a diffusion line) soon.
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    I agree but by the time they do that, most of their target group will have already purchased the pieces and those that haven't, wouldn't be caught dead in last season's items. And as you said, even discounted... their pieces are too pricey for most people to afford, so in a way they still remain exclusive. They need to get rid of old season stock somehow - can you suggest a better way? There are labels out there that prefer to actually destroy their clothes, than sell them cheap, so I'll at least give Balmain props for offering discounts (and they still make a ton of money with the 75% mark down of course). Hermes does sales as well, but they prefer to do sample sales far-off in exhibition halls rather than have discounted items clutter their boutique. It's probably a more elegant way of organizing a sale without losing their exclusivity aura, but Hermes also has more stock to justify renting a space that huge.

    I've heard the same as Sonya, re: the diffusion line. It's a smart move if they want to reach mass market and make money without comprimising their main line. It's still going to be pricey (i.e. Balenciaga or Lanvin's diffusion lines aren't hugely cheap either), but bound to reach a new audience.

  11. so true!!lol:yahoo: