Rant about bad service!

  1. I just called the Chicago SFA to see if, by some miracle, the coffers were on sale for Second Cut. The lady in handbags didn't know her own merchandise. She didn't know what the "coffer" was, and wanted me to describe it to her. Luckily that was easy. She didn't walk over and look, she just said "I don't remember that being on sale so no". I asked if any more Nancy Gonzalez went on sale and she described a clutch that I had looked at previously, but it's a weird color. I asked her how much that was now. She said, "Oh, I don't know, maybe $500? None of these things are in front of me right now."

    Look, the department isn't that big, and both NG and Miu Miu are practically freaking next to each other on the floor. I know, because I've been there. I also know that if you're going to work in a high end store (because I've done it) you better know your merchandise because people will call. It's also very early, and I doubt she's slammed with people.

    I had given my preferences to a different SA from Saks. She didn't put me in her "book" (which is my understanding that the better sales associates do -- I was responsible for my 'book' when I worked Bloomingdale's designer) and instead told ME to call on 6/20.

    I got attitude from NM handbag people when I've called before as well to ask for a specific piece. This guy didn't know that they no longer carry Miu Miu (which I have since discovered) and mocked my slight accent that sometimes messes things up on the cell phone. I just hung up on him.

    I got severe attitude from Anya Hindmarch LA because I live in Chicago.

    What is going on? I refuse to beg to give people money. No, I'm NOT going to call you randomly and beg for an update. This is why the boutiques are my new thing. While some SA are snobby, there always seems to be one new or nice one looking for steady customers, which is how I got my YSL lady. I don't know if commissions are low at SF or NM or what, but I've had a lot of problems getting SAs to care.

    Seems pretty stupid to give out attitude when nice SAs who go that extra mile end up on the Purse Blog and start getting interstate calls! It just seems like service stinks more and more at the department stores.:tdown:
  2. I have to relate to your post because I was interested in a Jillian at our SFA, and when I called, the SA, number 1, didn't know what the Jillian looked like and number 2, didn't know sand from bourbon. I had to explain over the phone how the bag looked and what the colors looked like. At least, I thought she would have known the basics........I would expect that they should know their own merchandise at a higher end department store. Sometimes you luck out, but the SA's at our SFA don't know too much about anything, according to my experience.
  3. I can empathize as I just bought a Miu Miu Coffer.

    I phoned NM in SF and they were clueless. No idea what the hell I was talking about.

    I phoned NM in Palo Alto and the lady was a little nicer. But I had to ask her to call other stores. And I couldn't get a straight answer about colors.

    I phoned Miu Miu in New York and Franklyn was a super-star. Took photos for me and sent them to my email. Followed up the next day too.

    I phoned Saks in SF and THAT was a total pleasure. Super nice and they had several colors in stock that I could see IRL. Tino was a sweetheart as I was very indecisive. He was extremely patient and even brought out several bags so I could choose which one I wanted.
  4. I can relate totally. I've always hated going to the NM and Saks in Chicago. I've noticed that no matter how I'm dressed (which should not make a difference, but frankly, it usually does in store) I always recieved bad treatment. The people in the men's department are always standing around together talking and when someone walks in and starts looking around, they begin talking in a very hushed tone, glance over occasionally, but continue talking. On one terrible occasion, I walked past a SA, said, "Good afternoon," and he didn't even respond! Whenever I've had a question at either the Saks or NM, the salespeople have always responded with one, two, or three word answers (ex: Q: "Do you carry Missoni here?" R: "No, we don't." Q: "Do you sell this Fendi here?" R: "No, sorry.").

    I've actually recieved pretty OK treatment from our Barney's, however. I had an interesting conversation with the men's department SA about how Chicago men are typically conservative in their dress after I had noticed that they no longer carried Libertine : (

    In any event, you should never recieve that type of treatment at any store.
  5. Just to play Devil's Advocate, I don't think being a Sales Associate job is at the top of everyone's list of Dream Jobs; a lot of SA just have that job for sake of being temporarily employed.

    With that said, though, there's no excuse for a SA to be ignorant about the products they're (supposed to be) selling. The funniest exchange I ever had with a SA was a couple years back.
    Me: "Do you carry Fendi?"
    SA: "Yes."
    Me: "Do you have the Fendi Spy bag?"
    SA: "A Spy bag? I don't think they make those."

  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: that is just too funny
  7. I too can relate. For a high end department store, they should provide excellent service IMO.

    Everytime I go into NM I see the SAs together talking too. The more and more I try to shop there the less I like that place.

    On the bright side, last time I was in Saks I met a great SA that showed me a preview of a particular designer's fall line, brought out styles from the back that weren't on the floor, etc.
  8. I would be like get your behind out there and look! Shoot! That's frustrating.
  9. Sorry to hear about your experience. Especially, coming from the high-end stores.
  10. Around Silicon Valley Bloomingdale's in Palo Alto has the worst service and the most SAs that stand around gossiping.

    One day I wanted to try on clothes but the rooms were a mess and 3 girls were hanging at the counter gossiping.

    Around here I often dress down and see who is willing to help me.

    (One of my coworkers said she worked PT at Macy's one summer. The other SAs wouldn't help girls who looked like they couldn't afford the bags. My friend helped everyone. She ended up with a $13,000 bonus commission).