Rant: 8 Non Paying Buyers since November.

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  1. Yep its true. Since Nov I have had a total of 8 non paying buyers.

    Whats up with that?

    I've reported them all but it makes me mad b/c I still have to pay for the listing fees.

  2. Do they have low feedback to start with? If so, I would state, in future auctions, that any bidder with less than 10 feedback must contact you first.
    Shame on those buyers!
  3. I have had numerous returns for no good reasons. It's the season. I had a 0 FB bidder bid on a bag. I shipped it out. Sat I got a box with the bag in it. No e-mail, no contact, no note in the box. Nothing.

    So last night I sent them a contact message asking if they returned it. No answer...

    So I guess I have to take out my crystal ball and guess?
  4. You know, I don't understand it. WAY back when eBay was in its infancy I bid on something and didn't expect to win it, then we moved, we didn't bring our old computer and we hadn't bought a new one, and quite honestly, I forgot about the SMALL item. FINALLY, l got a new computer and MONTHS later checked on eBay and was trying to update all my info - new email (last one was tied with our old cable company), address, etc. I found out that I was banned from eBay!!! For one 15 or 20 dollar item. I don't think I had much feedback (probably under 15)...

    I tried to set everything right, but couldn't. Since it was still "new"enough, I was able to easily set up a new account with my new address and email and I've had no problems since.... but I would be TERRIFIED of not paying! Isn't there any repercussions from that? Do they no longer ban people for being a nonpayer? or is it only if you have a history of it?

    Same I wonder for deadbeat sellers. There is a seller on ebay that sells a baby item and she is soooo hit and miss, her overall feedback is "ok" but lots and lots of withdrawn feedback and neutral feedback and enough negative feedbacks to make you think twice, but her overall rating is still fairly high because "most of the time" she's good about sending stuff out - just not if it sells for a low price.
  5. Was the return item tracked?? Is it possible it was returned by the P.O. for some reason?:confused1:
  6. Wow- 8 NPB in one month? I've only had 3 and I thought that was bad! My whole problem with the non paying bidders thing (aside from the actual non-paying part haha) is that you don't even get the listing fee back unless your item sells again. I shouldn't have to pay for someone not being responsible on ebay! I think the whole transaction should become void, and if I chose to relist the item, then I'll pay the listing fees. I can't understand how ebay gets away with that.
  7. wow,that's too much. I understand what you feel. I had bad experience too. One buyer make me an offer for my item., i was wait for 24 hrs to accept her offer. i give her 7 days to pay and email ask her that contact me if you need more time. finally, after 2 weeks she email me and said " thanks for accepted my offer however i think if i buy it from my duty fee in my country it will be cheaper so that i do not want it anymore". I email her back and said " it's ok if you do not want it but i need to file dispute to ebay to get my final value fee back.( even though i have to still pay listing fees). I filed dispute for non paying bidder to ebay, i think ebay gave her non paying bidder strike!!.. You are not going to believe this, i relisted my items and she emailed me in the angry way and said" What a pity is this? your item still not sell, You are not understanding people, i told you i do not want it, i can buy it over here in my country cheaper. You said ok but you are still give me strike!..wait and see, i will tell everybody about u!!.... OMG..What did i do wrong? of course i need to get my final value fees back from ebay!!.. I think she should be guilty and responsible to her offer but not paying not me!!!.:mad:
  8. Sorry this happened to you! I totally hate it when people do that!!! Arggg!!! The only thing I can recommend is NOT no sell to buyers with negative or no feedback. And if they do, cancel their bids immediately!

  9. what a biaaaaa.

    most people who dont understand that when a buyer purchases, sellers still have fees to pay even if they dont pay.

    i blocked off international buyers, but somehow i still get intl' buyers.

    most of my non payin buyers are intl' people with 0 feedback....
  10. It was insured & had DC. Otherwise I might not have received it - shipped it back. I am working on re-writing my package insert to make it clearer that I do not accept returns for "stupid" reasons. Measurements were in the listing - she responded to my contact saying it was smaller than she thought.