Ranking of France Hermes?

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  1. I am planning a trip to France in few weeks and I want to go where H is :yes:
    Do you have a ranking of the H boutiques in France?

    I know Marseille and Lyon are great to find birkins, but how about the others?

    Rouen? Rennes? Tours? Dijion?
  2. I would skip Dijon. It's a small store and they don't have that much. However the Strasbourg store is truly wonderful. One of the best I'v been in.
  3. Monte Carlo is my favorite.
  4. The mothership is my favorite, they literally have everything.
  5. I've heard good things about Lille.
  6. Thank you!

    I will go to Paris but it's only part of the trip so I was wondering where else to go.

    Lille is close to Paris so I might give it a try!:yes:
  7. Bordeaux didn't have much inventory when I was there last Fall. However it could have been bad timing on my part!
  8. Lyon and Strasbourg have good inventory at least when I went there. The SAs were also very nice.
  9. Lyon is a great store. The SA are always wonderful!
    In Saint tropez sa's are nice too. they even give some presents to my daughter (wax crayons and hermes coloring book).
  10. Lyon is a great shop, I agree, always got Birkins there!
  11. Metz is another one you can skip :smile:
  12. DRAT! I was right near there for over 3 weeks and didn't think to look for an H store till I went to FSH -- shows how green I am:greengrin:
  13. Always check if there's an H shop :wlae:
  14. believe you me, i have re-prioritized since i was in france in june! i'm even considering accompanying DH to dubai in october thinking it'd be a chance to see some H i might not otherwise!
  15. The H store in Dubai is great-- friendly, helpful staff and lots of homewares and silks, some bags, but unless you are a local and/or a VIP, you won't have a prayer of a Birkin or Kelly.

    That said, you'll probably see lots while shopping in the mall the store is in! :biggrin: