Rank your bags by occasion :)


Dec 31, 2010
Houston Texas
So what kind of outing is each of your bags main job. It will be interestsing to see what others say.

1. Galliera azur pm
This bag is great for shopping trips and everyday on sunny days. I like to take this bag if I have my kids with me also as its a shoulder bag

2. Ebene speedy 30
I take this if I only have 1 kid with me or its raining. Being waterproof is its main job :smile:

3. Tivoli pm
This is my dressy bag. If me and hubby are going out to eat and I need to take more than will fit in my eva this is what i use. I also take her to the movie if I go by myself.

4. Eva in ebene
I use this if i need total handsfree (zoo, santa wonderland, amusment park) or i take off crossbody strap and she goes as a clutch (office christmas party, evening outs)

5. Tulum pm
running errands with kids, it it might rain but i need a shoulder bag since shes a little older with darker patina.

6. Denim pleaty.
poor thing doesn't see much action but i do have a pair of denim high heels that match her and whenever i wear those i pull her out

7.mini looping
just got her yesterday but i think this will be another quick run errands bag. It fits more than eva so prob good for grocc store trips and such

8. Azur speedy 30: just got her but thinking this will be a chore bag in the summer.

8. I have a coach(not lv i know hehe) that i love and its leather. Its also one of my rainy day bags.

Ok i thiink that is it...i feel like im forgetting something but oh well. I have two more handbags i spoiled myself this week but they wont be in for a few more days...ill hve to do a reveal :smile:


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Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
fun topic!


1. Mono Neverfull MM - travel tote/carry-on

2. Cassis Speedy 30 - when I need some purple and no logos

3. Noir Madeleine GM - professional events/marketing/work

4. Tivoli PM - casual dinners out

5. Antigua MM - THE BEACH!

6. Pomme Wilshire PM - when I need some red in my life

7. Azur Speedy 30 - not good for much - LOL. Handheld and color transfer fears, so I will say for that perfect summer dress

8. Citadine PM - she has not been out yet, but seems like she is perfect for errands/everyday use

9. Popincourt Haut - my favorite mono bag - easy and classic - good for days when I need my hands, but don;t have to lug around my life.

10. Pochette Accessories - dare I say nothing as I have never used it - I hope to attach it to the d-ring in my never full when I travel

12. Bloomsbury Ebene - toting the iPad/work

13. Verona MM - another one that real has no purpose anymore - maybe rainy days

14. Keepall - overnight/weekend trips

Valentino black patent bow bowler - when I want to be super cute, logo free or disregard the weather

Chanel WOC - nights on the town/bars/clubbing
Chanel GST - no idea, she's so new to me but I'd say elegant events where I actually have to carry a decent amount
Chanel Jumbo double flap - Everything except travel

I cannot even get into the ladies - RM, Treesje, Botkier, Lauren Merkin, Kate Spade - I'll just say when I need a pop of color and no logos. Or at a place when a premium designer bag is inappropriate.


Jun 15, 2009
BC, Canada
I'll chime in - great thread OP!

Not necessarily "ranked" just spelling out what I use them for :smile:

Damier Papillon 30 - rainy day, winter everyday

Mono speedy 25 - everyday, all season (except during wet weather)

Azur Neverfull MM - summer everyday

Mini noe in blue - movie bag :smile:

Roxbury Drive amarante - dressy year round (except during wet weather)

Sace De Nuit (Brown Suhali trim) - just got this! dressy spring/summer; retro/vintage look

Gucci D Ring Black (medium) - black everyday/dressy

Gucci Abbey with White trim - older beater bag; take this during picnics, camping lol

Alexander Wang angela in latte with rose gold - Soft rocker chic look

Linea Pelle Dylan Large zip tote - laptop/travel bag

Azur Mini pochette - my "essentials" only bag

Black BCBG Studded clutch - super soft leather....for those days when I want to carry a clutch :biggrin:

Black BCBG Clutch with strap - temporary fill in while I save up for a Chanel/Dior or whatever flap bag I eventually end up getting :biggrin:

Longchamp Large Short handles - Overnight bag


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Neverfull gm mono..every day bag to tote all my stuff and my toddlers things
Neverfull gm Damier ebene..same but when it's raining!
Speedy b 40..just ordered but I plan on using it for everyday as a mommy bag
Chanel black gst shw..when I need a mommy bag that's elegant and dressier
Chanel jumbo flap black ghw..date night, formal events
Balenciaga work..when I want to look a little edgier
Louis Vuitton Bloomsbury pm..on its way..a park with dd etc bag
Gucci vintage messenger..very light trips


Jan 12, 2012
in my own little world..
Ill just list my LV's..i'd be on here forever if i had to list all.

Damier Ebene Neverfull MM: all weather bag..i started using it more but i had strap problems so now its in for repair.
delightful mm: my first baby :heart: I love her and i use her when i go out with friends.
Damier Azur Speedy 30: use mostly in the summer and when its nice out because i'm afraid of getting it dirty.
Toiletry Pouch 26: use it to go out to the lounge/bar/club or when i just need something small to carry my things.


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Aug 22, 2009
Fun topic! Also just listing LV, as I'd be here forever too if I listed every bag I owned...

Damier Ebene Neverfull MM: Tote/Uni bag/wet weather bag/travelling bag/everyday bag (phew!)
Epi Ivoire Brea MM: Purchased as my "real job" bag, but currently used more often as my "pull out to admire then put away again" bag :oh:
Damier Ebene / Brown Watercolor Papillon 30s: Special occasion bags
Monogram Speedy 35: Travelling bag/everyday bag
Monogram Artsy MM / Delightful GM / Azur Galliera PM: Everyday bags, more weather dependent
White Multicolor Alma: My "I really need to get the vachetta redone" bag... does that count? :thinking:


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Jul 4, 2009
In the saddle.
Speedy mono 35: Go to bag in sunshine + carryon.
Speedy 30 Damier: Everyday bag (It rains A LOT)
Chloe Baby paddy: Movies, shopping, dinner (dry weather.)
Dior Saddle: Same as above, but Im more inclined to use it on rainy days than the baby.
Dolce and gabbana clutch: my go-to party bag.
Vintage Pucci: My "I never wear this but It holds souch good memories I cant sell it-bag"


Mar 27, 2009
Perth, Western Australia
Speedy 30- casual outings with friends/family
Saumur 30- days at uni when I don't need much/travelling in Aus
Petit Noe (Yellow Epi)- shopping/running errands bag
Chanel Jumbo XL- more formal/dressy lunch dates/outings
Keepall 50- carry on for air travel/weekender bag
Vintage Gucci Tote- currently retired (needs repairs), but was my staple uni bag


Jun 30, 2010
Damier Ebene Neverfull MM- my carry on bag when I fly (which is a lot)
Epi Rubis Alma- my church bag
Chanel Cambon Large Tote- actually comes in tomorrow (yay!) I will use it as an everyday bag
Gucci Joy White with Black Trim Tote- dinners/date nights with honey
Gucci Eclipse Tote- get togethers with friends at the bar
Gucci Messenger Bag- when I want my hands free, usually at Wal Mart
Coach Ashley Satchel- whenever I'm around kids because they like to throw bags around
Fendi Zucca Print Boston Bag- when I want to carry a handheld bag
Juicy Couture Large Pammy Tote- so big that I use it as an overnight bag
Juicy Couture Bowling Bag- when I'm dressed casually
Jun 21, 2010
Fun topic! I'll just list mine from oldest to newest...

Mono Papillon 26 - my weekend with good weather bag
White MC Mini HL - used to be my clubbing bag, now my going to weddings bag or grocery shopping in summer when feeling like I need some colour or fun.. otherwise a neglected piece
Trevi PM - my fall/winter work bag
Mono Eva - fancy outings, cross-body casual in nice weather when I don't need to carry a lot, travelling for carrying passports & sight-seeing
Mono Artsy MM - I don't use her but will start to in nice weather - I find her cumbersome but I feel extra special when I do carry her... if only mono were ok for work I would use it more
Azur Galliera PM - my spring/summer work bag
Idylle Speedy in Fusain - my go anywhere bag - work, going shopping, travelling
Ebene Pochette - my new love - I use her almost everyday for quick errands and going places where I don't need to carry much - my winter travel companion
Bloomsbury PM - brand new haven't used her yet.. will be my weekend/travel bag when I need to be hands-free

Mono Pocket Agenda Cover - stores my business cards, coupons, vouchers, receipts
Mono Compact Zippe wallet - used to be my daily wallet, now sitting in the closet but I'll pull her out again if I want to match mono with mono
Ebene card holder - I take this everywhere I go - stores my ID, insurance slip, and main credit cards
White MC 4 key-holder - duh... this holds my keys so is my most used SLG
Pomme ZCP - currently my everyday wallet
Givre key pouch - holds my store cards


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Jul 22, 2011
damier ebene speedy 30 - i usually carry her to work and also like to bring her along with me when i go on a holiday - handy for carrying travel documents, make up bag and things i need on board with my on the plane! and it fits an amazing amount of things!

damier eva - i use her on weekends/when i go shopping etc and also used her everyday when i went on my last holiday - i love being hands free!!

chanel M/L flap - my brand new baby :cloud9::cloud9: been taking her out every weekend....shes been on both shopping trips & dinner dates with DBF! i love using her for anything & everything really! so classic IMO

mini pouchette mono: i put her inside my speedy and put lip gloss, hand sanitiser, hand cream, panadol etc inside
key cles in givre: i use it when i use my damier eva to put my cards & money so i have more room in the eva for other stuff! :yes:


LV and Let LV
Jun 18, 2010
Midwest (formerly Honolulu)
I don't have anywhere near as many bags as you ladies, but...

Galliera PM - This is one of my everyday bags. If I feel like wearing the flashier monogram, this is my go to.

Trevi PM - To be honest I don't really wear this very often. I only wear it on days I feel like being a little more fashionable.

DE Speedy 30 - One of my nights out bags. I like to wear this out when I'm going to a dinner or the movies with my hubby.

DE NF MM - My throw around, carefree bag. I love this because it's worry free. I wear this when I want a shoulder bag w/out vachetta.

Azur Totally MM - I love this as an everyday bag. The size, shape, pockets, and zipper make this the perfect everyday and travel tote.

Mono Totally MM (when/if I get it) - I plan on getting this pretty soon because I love my Azur Totally so much that I want it in Mono as well.

Balenciaga Giant Gold City - This was kind of an impulse buy... I wear it when I feel trendy I guess.

Chanel Black GST
(ghw) - I wear this when I need to look a little more dressed up.
May 3, 2009
Because I have to many bags this will be the short version:

Dress up bags: Coco Irene, Mirage Griet, Empreinte Artsy, Amarante Alma, Python Galliera
Summer bags: Galliera Azur, Gris Mahina, Olympe Nimbus, Neverfull Azur, & Watercolor Speedy/White
Workhorse bags: Mono Cabas Mezzo, Mono Neverfull GM, & Damier Cabas Mezzo
Favorite everyday bags: Mono Galliera, Mahina in Biscuit, Mono Irene, Monogramouflage, & Mancrazy


May 27, 2011
Loved reading everyone's responses, here's my list:

Speedy 30 Azur - Love this for summer days - both work and casual
Damier Ebene NF - for travel, winter work days - my most used bag
Thames PM in Mono - was a birthday gift, very under-used by me but still love her for the sentimentality - I am thinking of using dear Thames more for evening dates with LBD's..
Rossmore MM in Pomme - Stunning little red bag that I have used for weddings, clubbing etc
Alma PM in Amarante - Not an everyday bag for me, reserved for black tie and smart dinners
Eva in Dam Ebene - 2nd most used bag - to walk the dog, quick shopping errands, movies, sometimes clubbing etc

recently purchased a YSL belle de jour clutch in metallic silver and I am so excited to use it at an upcoming wedding. Also looking at adding a chanel (or two..;) - hopefully! this year..


Jan 11, 2008
Here's mine:

Epi Electric Brea GM - my work bag (fits in laptop, files, lunch, wallet, keys, sunglasses and cosmetics)
Alma MM in Pomme and Bleu Infini - for both work (without laptop) and weekends when I am dressing up a little to go out, or I want a pop of colour with jeans and a tshirt
Red Epi Speedy 25 for weekends with jeans and t-shirt (and no toddler)
Azur Hampstead MM my everything tote - for weekends (shopping, kids park etc) with toddler stuff!
Mono Looping MM for weekends when I don't need to carry a lot and just grab and go
Alma BB in Amarante my evening bag / special occasions bag

I have others but they are on the chopping block, so I wont' go into it :biggrin: