Rank the best eBay purse sellers, and eBay Stores !!

  1. Hello,

    I want your opinion ! What sellers, and stores on eBay are your favorite?? Classy
  2. I adore lvlady99, I have had very positive experiences with her when buying used LV bags.

    When I am needing a Kate Spade fix, I shop mderogers (M&D Online Purse Outlet)
  3. I'm a fan of shopsavoytruffle and nutsrecords :smile:
  4. Myself....I know its horrible to nominate yourself...but to help others, EVERY Coach handbag sold has a portion of its sale go to a NON-profit organization and its TPF which is helping me pick the ones to donate too. Coach bags start at 1 penny or are "buy it now" and all are purchased from Coach or a Department Store.
    I sell only 100% authentic Coach handbags and have over 900 postives and 4.8 -4.9 in every erea on my auctions.
    My health got me started selling and the thrill of sharing a great Coach handbag has kept me continue!!!:tup:
    Jonna..is it ok to say...I am
    I thought we went over this, NO ONE CAN POST THIER USER ID!!! Last warning legacy.
  5. personal shoppers is good, too
  6. I know a ton of people love hgbags. I've been happy with bagalley36.
  7. Hgbags also!
  8. I had my one eBay purse experience with Cristian Valentino Co. and they were great. Worked with me even though I was moving in the middle of my purchase which might throw some folks off. Very nice sale.
    On asking on who it the best eBay sellers, or Ebay store... I see many post with the name of the seller, their name on Ebay!!!!
    Then why is it against the rules to name myself?:shrugs:
    Why ask a question that can't be answered!
    I can see if I was putting my listings in...I learned that earlier..but why ask a question no one can answer without getting in trouble...
    is this a test question to see who is stupid?
    Why isn't all the names being XXXX out.....and why ask a question to mention the name but NO ONE CAN WITHOUT GETTING IN TROUBLE
    help me understand..:throwup:
    I think I get the rules and then I am ASKED a direct questoin, see others with names........help me...Confusion is overwhelming me...
    help before I go crazy!!!
  10. Hopefully I'll have one soon!
  11. The sellers people are listing are sellers they have bought from and have had good experiences with. The names are not edited out as it is not their own ID they are listing. You cannot list your own ID.

  12. I'm not Swanky, but I can try to help by answering. The rules here are set up for our protection. tPF has been very excellent about helping it's members avoid fraud and problem sellers. Anyone can get a tPF ID. Even a con artist. And if this person went on and on about how they had great deals and were a great seller, many PF'ers might be duped into believing it, and since they are a PF member, some might think they must be telling the truth. It is good for us to be able to tell each other about sellers that we have PURCHASED FROM and had a good experience with so that we know who we can trust. Advertising ourselves would be totally against what the rule was set up for: to protect us! If someone bought from you and thought that you were great and advertised you here (without your prompting) then it would be great for you, and certainly allowed. There is too much fraud out there. This forum is so fantastic for keeping us all on top of it! :tup:
  13. I've repeatedly told you the rules, it's simple:
    NO ONE, not you or me or anyone else, may post their own user ID or auctions here.
    It's that easy and clear. . . and it's the 10th time I've asked you to stop.
    Look around, be respectful, you'll clearly see NO ONE is pimping their own auctions here.

    What's not to understand?
    The girls in Coach and I were very patient and nice about it. . . it's getting old.
  14. Hookememf
    both excellent sellers with authentic bags at great prices. They are both very sweet ladies to deal with, ship fast and wrap nicely.
    Highly recommend.
    I have invited them both to this forum.

  15. I like todon http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZtodon I got a great Thomas wylde bag from her and she rotates bags like Kooba Cole Haan Roxbury, Jsabell Fiore and some high end like chole or Mui Mui, Keep her on your list, She even included a nice sample of Chella .my bag came fast