Randonnee PM, does anyone have this bag?

  1. I have the opportunity to do a trade on something I own for a Randonnee pm backpack. I have always loved backpacks but sold or traded the ones I had in the past and kind of wish I still had one. I had a LV Centenaire and Large Montosouris GM and thought they were great bags.
    The randonnee pm seems to be a great size. While I am trying to simplify my life and sold, gifted or have ready for Consignment the rest of my bags and have no desire to buy anything but this would be no cost to me in trade.

    I am left with a speedy 40 in monogram and a large toiletry bag that I use as a bag organizer or clutch for errands if I don’t want to carry my Speedy.

    Just wondered if anyone still owns this bag and uses it. Likes, dislikes? Any modeling pictures would be appreciated too.
  2. This bag was super popular 20 years ago. There are many on the pre-owned market. It’s definitely an underrated classic.
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