1. Not sure if this is okay, but seeing that I am new, I'd like to get to know the people that use this quite regularly...especially since this is my new 2007 addiction.

    Maybe we could tell a little about ourselves (granted I know you all know each other already) but it may be a neat but nerdy way to help a new girl out.

    I'll go first.
    I'm Dawn.
    25. From Ohio, ew.
    My user name comes from my occupation/year born I teach Sociology at a community college.
    I love shopping , bags, accessories and makeup.
    I have a very small pug named Gaz. She is my avatar.
  2. Good idea! Your pug is adorable!!!

    Angie and I'm 24 and I live in California. I work for UCD at the med center and I go to school in hopes to get my Masters in Social Work. I would eventually like to work for either an international adoption agency or within the foster care system.
    I love shopping! I love shoes and purses the most. Tokidoki is my current addiction and its making me :nuts:
    My username represents my love for lattes (the drink). I've had two today.
  3. Hi Dawn!

    I'm Maggie, 24 years old, married for nearly 2 years, in Toronto, finishing up a degree in history and art history at uni....

    And I'm planning on getting a puppy in a couple of months! Hopefully!

    (Supposed to be writing an essay right this second, but it's pretty well bedtime anyway! :sleepy: )
  4. UC Davis? I almost went there for my MA/PHD but my dad fell ill so I got an MA in state.
    Thank you. She is sleeping on me as we speak!
    Social work is an area I considered I may do a joint women's studies/SWK program in Chicago, maybe but I do want a phd so I can teach at a 4yr school. Teaching at a CC is not so fun at times.

    Nice to meet you!
  5. I hope they let us have a random thread. We will probably talk about tokidoki in it anyway.

    Anyways, I'm Jessaka :biggrin:

    From Hawaiiiiiiii, mmhmm :yes: hate it & love it.

    22. gettin older.

    My username is umm my name? haha. Usually in forums i use "EuphoricDysphoria" which is being happy & sad at the same time...but then people get all messed up when trying to remember my name or typing my SN..so I used JESSAKAMITZ, I created the JESSAKA thing -- yes, it's actually JESSICA< but that's lame-O. MITZ is a shortened version of my last name :biggrin:

    Um, I live w/ my bf - second year livin with him...love it :biggrin: & my cat finally came to live with us, she makes me so happy. Her name is Shady :biggrin: I will upload a pic :biggrin: She is the coolest & that pic is not photoshopped.

    I have NO kids -- YET. Probably within like 10 years. I always say that.

    Not married -- YET, haha.

    Tokidoki has been my obsession for a little over a year now -- LOVE IT. I saw this one girl wearing a bag @ a party and I HAD to have IT. I asked her where she got it and she told me Lesportsac...and that was the death of Jessaka.

    That is all.

    So yeah - pics of my cat SHADY (she's a Maine Coon) & me & my bf :biggrin:
    shadesfunny.jpg antawnnjessaka.jpg
  6. Nice to meet you Maggie.
    Toronto is so fun. I was there last summer for the North by Northeast show and you guys have a fluevog shoe store. I'm jealous all of Ohio sucks!

    Puppies are fun. This is my first dog ever. I've had her almost a year, she turned a year in March and it's been a learning experience but I figure if I screw her up, if and when I have children they're safe!

  7. Nice to meet you Jessaka!

    You're cat is awesome, I wish I was not allergic. I found out about Tokidoki in a similar way, one of my students had one in class and I asked to stay after just so I could find out where it was from and how she got it...hehe.

  8. *sigh*

    Shoes and purses are great....
  9. Dawn, your doggie is so cute! I'm not a dog person...but i like cute lil doggies..just not petting them hahaa. NIce to meet ya too :biggrin: I can't beleive youre alergic to cats!! OMG, I would die if I were.

    Angie - Are latte's that good? I actually never had one :shrug:

    Maggie -- what kinda puppy you gettin?
  10. Heh, I came from a smallish town further north, so I can see why you might think Toronto's nice...

    But since I've spent time in San Francisco and NYC, I can assure you that there's another step up from Toronto. :p

    We're actually going home for a couple of days, next weekend....so I get to see my dogs! They are an old Golden Retriever, and a young something we're not sure about. Dogs are awesome. We want to adopt a small puppy, which will be different for me just because I grew up with big dogs.
  11. Hi, I'm Christine. I'm 34 years old, married, no kids. I work at a bank as an accountant and currently live in NW Ohio, but spent most of my childhood living in Las Vegas. (I get a lot of strange:wtf: looks from people when they find out I actually moved away from Vegas to Ohio.) I was born in OH and then my family moved to Vegas when I was young, then I came back to Ohio for college where I met my future husband:tender:. Well, once I met the love:heart: of my life, I just couldn't move back to Vegas.

    I've been collecting Tokidoki bags for about a year, since the first prints came out and I am a total addict.

    I adore handbags. They are my weakness. Before the Tokidoki addiction, I was a Coach addict. At least the Tokidoki bags are little less expensive than Coach.:hrmm:

    I happened upon this site just recently and really enjoy chatting with everyone about our mutual addiction and seeing the beautiful pics of everyone's cherished bags.
  12. No idea! We'll be getting a dog from the SPCA, so who knows?

    I'm also allergic to cats...I don't mind though, they don't seem like much fun compared to dogs. Actually, I'm technically allergic to dogs too, but I get used to them (going home is always crappy because I'm no longer used to the dogs....)
  13. Christine, that makes me wonder how much bags in general you have...haha...because your toki list is longggggg and you used to love Coach before..haha.

    Maggie -- oh no! another one allergic!! :sad:
  14. hehe. compared to NYC, LA, Chicago yes...but I never thought of Toronto as being as large as it is until this last time I went. I wanted a smaller dog and ended up with a SMALL dog..she is about 10 lbs..she is a runt for sure but super awesome! I love labs though they're big but such good hearts!

  15. It's ridiculous:nuts: how many purses I own (although admittedly I own far more Tokidoki than Coach bags!) Still, I have 3 large plastic bins full of purses.