Random updates from Pursegrrl...

  1. Hey all -

    Well, in the spirit of 'let it all out' I just wanted to share with everyone a whole lotta stuff that's been going on. May/June is a whirlwind!! I'll try to be brief, as hard as that is for me :yes:.

    - I ended my relationship with my BF :crybaby:. We were together a little over a year and a half. I still love him. I don't know if we're really broken up or just on a break but time will tell.
    - My Mom had major surgery but (phew) is going to be OK!
    - I have a new, amazing little nephew!
    - I turned 40. Mostly exciting here but lots to reflect on.
    - I decided my current (contracting) job is great but will be moving onward elsewhere when my assignment is up this summer; there was a chance I could have stayed but I didn't jump on the opportunity for some reason. Glad I trusted my gut. So, this means more interviewing around the corner (time to break in the new Choos!).

    My philosophy is there are two kinds of stress: good stress which motivates you and bad stress which eats away at you. As you can see above I have had a huge dose of both at the same time and I'm pretty dang fried.

    So many of you have been so amazingly supportive with your PMs and virtual hugs, especially over the last couple weeks which have been extraordinarily grueling.

    I just wanted to thank all of you and let you know how wonderful it is being a part of this community. Whether you know it or not, you are really helping through the rough times!

    I'm trying to focus on taking care of myself and finally getting to those home improvement projects that are seriously eating away at my purse budget. New windows and lighting or a new purse (or two?). I need retail therapy but I decided I really need new lighting, windows and furniture. Practical side won out...for now!

    OK, enough random updates for now. Hugs and thanks, everyone!
  2. Wow! Thanks for the update and it sounds like you're in a pretty good place now, even with all the changes. :tup:
  3. Goodness Pursegrrrl, you have had a major amount of stuff going on!

    I have always enjoyed your posts...you are one of my favorites b/c you are thoughtful, kind and insightful. There's a certain maturity and wisdom that comes across when you post on tPF which makes me think that you're going to be okay.

    Nevertheless, I'm sorry for the things that have caused you heartache. Honestly, it seems so tough sometimes.

    As for your home improvement projects, well, keep us posted. I love anytime we get to do anything to the house. There always seems to be something needing to be done and I love when I get to check off some long-needed-to-do item from the list!

    Hoping things work out the way you want them to.....:flowers:
  4. I have always enjoyed your posts also Pursegrrl. We are alot alike in many ways. I do enjoy your ability to see the rational side. You have a really good head on your shoulders and you know what is important. Take care of yourself!

  5. Thanks so much, everyone. As much as I am proud that I'm overall pretty rational, I definitely have an emotional side that needs to heal...things like time with family, friends, exercise and journaling really help. Also, I'm forging ahead with home improvement projects that have been on hold due to procrastination, my tPF obsession and time helping (now ex) BF with his home projects. I guess I always thought I'd be doing home improvements/remodeling with a DH, so there is a lot of heartache knowing it's otherwise.
  6. Wow you do have a lot going on! I too always enjoy your posts, which are always so logical and well thought out. I'm such a believer that things work out the way they are supposed to, and hope that these changes lead you to some wonderful new beginnings!