Random thoughts

  1. Okay you Hermes lovers...please do not jump me...

    I read your threads randomly...I am a Lv, Gucci, Fendi etc...lover..my father started buying Gucci for me at a very young age (14) so...I love my bags...
    I was looking at some of your bags the other day...and they are BEAUTIFUL.....I feel like a cheap bag whore when I look at them. I showed my Dh and was like ...look honey...look how bad I really COULD be!!! My bags are just cheap compared to these!! However, I could never spend 7-10,000 on a bg..(or more) I will continue to admire yours and if I ever run into any of you I will run for cover with my cheap bags!! lol
  2. Hi Sunshine,

    It doesn't matter how expensive your bag is, as long as you love it and enjoy carrying it and as long as it isn't a replica of something.

    I coulnd't fathom spending $$$ on an Hermes bag either but there is somehow a line you cross - I cannot explain it better. Also, if you look at your current bag collection, for sure if you count what you spent on them, for sure you could buy one or two nice Hermes bags for that amount.

    In order to start collecting Hermes you don't need to start with a brand new bag, you can buy a used one to start with or go with one of their cheaper models and see how you like it. The great thing about Hermes IMO is that they maintain their monetary value (and of course the workmanship, sheer beauty, etc.). All other brands lose their value over time, not an Hermes bag.
  3. Oh trust me...I have so many other what I call addictions...(jewelry, clothes, jewelry, clothes...etc...lol) I will always be a Hermes admirer..and IM OKAY with that!! I love my bags as such...I will stay on my side of the "line"!!! lol
  4. Hey Sunshine! BTW, not ALL Hermes bags are $$$$$$$! :smile:
    The one I'm eying next is an Evelyne messenger bag that costs around $1600. My first Hermes was a $2800 bag that I got cheaper than that in Europe.
  5. SEE!!! That is why I love the PF ...I learn something new everyday...I think I have only seen bags that are like 5k plus!!!
  6. Great answer hello2703! I agree....the bags you have are nice bags as well and I don't think anyone around would look down on that! We are all purse lovers in general! I have bought mine from e-bay and resellers and been very happy and not all are in that price range! Plus there are a lot of accesories and smaller items to begin with and scarves, etc. if you really want to venture into the Hermes line....oh and thanks for saying hello here!
  7. New Birkins and Kelly bags are over $6k. BUt you can get a swanky used or supa-cool vintage black Kelly on ebay for around $2k - maybe 3k. These bags last forever and have such character. And that's less than a new B-bag or custom Spy bag.

    A new Bolide 27 in goat leather is around $3500.
    Again, the CUTE Evelyne that I want next is very casual-chic! Check it out!
  8. Greentea are you trying to send me to divorce court??? lol
  9. ^ Um, just get in line right after me!!! LOLOL!!!
  10. Maybe we could get a group discount?? lol
  11. Just a quick price check - I just bought my 27cm chevre Bolide a few weeks ago and the price is now $4,025 (US). And, if I may say so, worth every penny!:love:
  12. Hey Sunshine--I was a total LV collector and pretty much only collected Hermes china, scarves, bracelets.

    I don't think that you have to spend $7-10k on a Bag. You can find GORGEOUS Hermes Kellys that are pre-owned for $2k and up.

    Here are some examples:
    This gorgeous 28cm Blue Kelly sold for $3000
    Hermès 32cm, White Vintage Kelly in Veau Leather BUY-it-Now $3850
  13. God..that white one is to die for...I think one day Im might take the plunge but after joining the PF (months ago) I finally broke free of Gucci and Lv ONLY....now I have "stepped out of the box" and my collection is so varied now!! I think I will try Chanel next....Hermes are going to have to wait a bit longer...I LOVE looking at them though.
  14. ^^ This how Hermes addiction starts.. you look at them till they lure you into their beauty and class... suddenly, u wont look at your bag the same way.. they wont look beautiful as they did when u first purchased them.. *Sigh* thats how i feel now.. no bag.. not even LV limited edition bags can come close to Hermes birkin or kelly.
  15. Sunshine, you have some beautiful bags so don't feel that way! There are great bags from every maker...I love my LVs and Coach as well as my Hermes Evelyne. It took me years and years to get my first H bag so never say never. :yes: You can always start out with pocket squares and scarves and work your way up as I did. :flowers:

    Hmmm so how much would a 27cm Bolide in Togo be? :shrugs: Just wondering! :angel: