Random thoughts about the next purchase...

  1. I'm going to see the Doobie Brothers tonight :nuts: and while blow-drying my hair a few minutes ago, my mind started wandering off and thinking of my next bag purchase. Mind you, this is quite a ways away, because I'd like to see if I'd be able to do a February PO, which means it won't arrive for a long time.

    So, hypothetically speaking, let's say I am able to place an order. I would like to order a 32cm HAC. Color - Rouge H or Raisin. Hardware - Palladium. Leather - Herein lies my question. I now have two clemence bags :nuts: I love clemence, love the texture and the slouchiness of it. If I'm happy with clemence, should I stick with it? Or should I branch out and go with something else?

    When I start thinking about colors, Rouge H and Raisin are the first colors that pop into my head. But I also have thoughts of getting a bright color that really stands out. Any suggestions for a bright color that would go with my skin tone, hair color and the like? LOL my wardrobe is all over the place, so I won't include that in the deciding factors :p

    Also, does anyone else have these types of random thoughts while doing something mundane? :shame: I was running on the treadmill yesterday when these thoughts first started creeping into my head. I need to get my mind out of the H gutter ;)
  2. I go through periods of this all the time lol!! Often before going to bed, especially if I open my big, fat notebook of H pictures galore lol...them I'm done! Raisin and rouge h are both great colors -- what about a brighton blue?? Orange??? Or a brighter red? I love vermillion in swift...and brighton in clemence....so many possibilities!
  3. I love both colors Christina, I think rouge vif is really hot though. You would look amazing in any color btw, how about bluejean?
  4. I've thought about the blue shades (Brighton Blue, Blue Jean), but I'm not sure how they would work with my skin tone. I do have a BB Karo in chevre that I love - carrying it tonight, actually! :nuts:

    A bright red has crossed my mind :graucho: Rouge garance, maybe? That would be nice! I've always stuck to darker, more "neutral" colors, so that the bag goes with everything. But sometimes I think I should have a little variety and go for something bright and attention-getting.

    Still, Rouge H in clemence makes me drool like a baby :drool:
  5. Since you live in a warmer climate, seasons probably don't matter as much to you - but for a short time I did have a fuschia bag and while it was gorgeous...I did feel it was for spring/summer -- I think the reds are year round for sure (am a big red fan!) and well you do already know the BB color - I have learned on my H path that H black bags do not excite me much (as I say that I will be carrying my plume elan tonight in black though lol!) -- I say go for the red!!! Oh and have a great time tonight!!
  6. I like the idea of carrying the Karo as a clutch for you. It's demure, very sweet.

    Are you sure a clutch isn't in your future? I'm a clutch gal myself... And carrying a perfect small H totally appeals to me and seems a good idea for you, too.

    Wow totally off-topic enabling!!
  7. Exactly what I was thinking!!!:yes: If you want to try a different leather but don't want to go to structured, what about swift?
  8. Me too!!!
  9. Personally, for an HAC I would prefer a stiffer leather, since for me personally the charm of an HAC lies in its' ability to retain its' shape.
    Have you thought about rouge H chamonix? It comes with a white topstitch. Gorgeous!
    I also like the HAC in box (of course), chevre, fjord and togo.
  10. I vote for choosing an entirely diff't leather than clem.
  11. Cristina, I have basically all your color groups, red raisin and blue.

    I am going to take a family photo soon to get an updated pic...so you can see them then!
  12. What fun...you are thinking already! LOL
  13. Here is my Rouge H Box Calf 36 HAC as an idea for you. Rouge H looks good with everything, even jeans! I like your other colour choices, though, too, eg. Raisin. That's on my wish-list now as well.

    I agree with the other tPFers that a bright red Birkin, eg Vermillion or VIF would look fantastic on you, too. Such choices!!!
    Rouge H HAC 1.jpg
  14. Yes, please do that! :yes: I'd love to see them.

    hello - ITA with you about choosing a more structured leather for an HAC. I wouldn't want it to be too slouchy. I like fjord from what I've seen here on the forum. I like textured leathers. Is Rouge H available in fjord?

    jasperella - Gorgeous HAC! :drool: If I were to get a bag in box, I would definitely go with Rouge H. No doubt!

    KB - I didn't think I'd be daydreaming so soon :p But my mind tends to wander :graucho:
  15. Cristina - I'm with Hello on this one - Rouge H chamonix or Rouge H box would be fantastic for a HAC.

    And like naughty Angelfish says a clutch - say a rouge garrance JPG Kelly :graucho: