Random thought

  1. As I've read many threads in here.. I always see people saying "Well this LV looks good in winter" or "This one in summer", but in my opinion I think ANY LV looks great all the time! Wouldn't you all agree??:tup::yes::heart::yahoo:
  2. I totally agree.... I rotate my bags daily ALL YEAR. But living in So. Cal. the weather really does not change much. Yesterday it 90 degrees. Crazy for mid Nov.
  3. :yes::yes:
  4. Ohh I would love to live in CA. [totally off subject I know! haha]
  5. i agree
    as you can see in my sig, i'm 450 euro's away from a white mc speedy (if i don't change my mind in the store and get a black one ;) )
    anyway, if i get that baby, i will wear her in winter, summer what ever!!
    i have a cute red coat and i think that would look great with a white bag, winter is allready so dark, lets light it up with a cute white mc bag :biggrin:
  6. I agreee with one exception I only wear my CB in spring/summer
  7. I agree! I use all of my bags year round! I pay way too much for them to let them sit in the closet for months at a time, lol!
  8. I agree, I live in Florida, so I wear them all year around!
  9. kimalee- i hear ya girlie!
  10. Viviana- love your avatar!
  11. I also agree with the exception of my rivete lambskin in noir ... I don't like to use it in summer and hot days.
  12. Yes, I agree with you. However, I try not to wear light colored purses during the winter b/c I find that my light colored purses get fabric stains from my dark winter clothes.
  13. As much as I love Cali (never lived anywhere else), I despise the traffic. During rush hour it can take you 1 hour to go 10 miles! Friday nights are horrible!
  14. UGH I hate traffic! We have ENOUGH here in St. Louis :tdown:
  15. well, it's summer all the year long here :p
    well and some short rainy season, and if a certain bag only looks good in winter, i'll be damned LOL