Random thought on purses

  1. We are all addicted to buying purses-high end purses. So on average, each BV is probably a good 2K. Let's say we own about 15-20 designer purses, that's equivalent to more than 30K-that's a BMW 3 series right there! Oddly, looking at my closet, I am so satisfied and I dont regret spending money on my purses.

    Haha, I actually think about this alot and how the money I use on purses can apply to other big purchases. But my collection of purses never go down because of this reason. What can i say, i love nice purses, and shoes, and clothes. :yahoo:

    Just a random thought...Have a wonderful weekend...:p
  2. I agree with you! I can't wear my car--but my BV goes everywhere with me.
  3. I love the way you think, catabie! :tup:
  4. Sure is fun, isn't it?
  5. i feel the same way. i often think about all the other things the money could be used for but i love them so that i'm never sorry.
  6. And watches and jewellery. Hooray to this forum for allowing us to obsessed about our addictions! :woohoo:
  7. lol it is kinda of startling though... a plane ticket to china is less cheaper than a bottega bag. but i have to agree, a bottega bag is worth it!!
  8. I feel the same way too!! ;)
  9. I guess we all share the same view here: we have indeed very expensive "hobbies" and to many people, it's pretty crazy. However, I never regret the money I spent on BV bags and many other items of my little obsessions: they bring joy and satisfaction that is well worth the value!
  10. I'm trying to cut down on handbag purchases for this very reason. We are thinking of making some very expensive (for us) home purchases, and for the first time in a long while, I'm going to have to budget and cut back on "fun" purchases.

    I don't regret past purchases (still love my 2 BVs), but I'm being careful about current/future buys. Fortunately, Carmino IRL isn't quite my shade of red, so there's some money saved right there! :p
  11. Hi I am new to BV.. but not to the purse forum..I agree with you guys on this topic..I too have a nice and still growing designer collection..and I often think about where the money could have gone to..but i think designer goodies give life that extra zest!:smile:
  12. I know some would say it is extravagent to spend $2000 on a purse, and they are probably right; but every BV bag I have makes me smile everytime I see, feel, or smell it, and it is worth every penny.