Random thought on Coach prices

  1. I was looking at coach.com at the new items. I saw the Bleecker shopper for $548 and said to myself "oh that's pretty nice for only $548." Then I thought "Wait - ONLY $548 - thats going to be like close to $600 w/tax!" That is actually alot for a bag! When did we become so jaded with these prices that $548 starts to look cheap? I dont know about most of you, but I used to spend like $250 at the most for my bags up until maybe a year or two ago, then there was this huge jump to around $500-600 per bag. I love my bags and I know they are quality products, and I have no plans to stop purchasing - just an observation, I guess!
  2. My dh equates it to the 'frog in the pot' story. Put a frog in a boiling pot of water and he'll jump right out. Put the same frog in cool water and turn the heat up slowly, he'll eventually boil to death. Yeah, icky but true. We just get conditioned to things and before long plunking two and three times what we would have paid a year ago is no biggie. I try to set my limit at $400 so I've been purchasing off of eBay and during PCE. I did just pay over $400 for a bag that I just knew I couldn't live without and have no regrets. I'm fighting the urge to 'not mind' paying over $400 though!
  3. It's funny isn't it. I remember a time, not very long ago, when I thought that $150 was a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a purse. Now I look at $300 or $400 purses and think, Oh that's not too bad. But I'm glad that I still think $600 is WAY too much to spend on a purse. That will probably change someday too though. :smile:
  4. When prices of a handbag I like and want are the same amount I spend on my mortgage payment, then that bag isn't for me. I absolutely love Channel and Gucci, but I have come to realize they are just not in my price range. I hope in the future Coach still stays in my price range, but I have a feeling in 3 years from now it won't be anymore with the prices going up. I understand though with the prices going up the style of the bags are right on que, the look and feel of Coach is getting better and better as the years pass. Oh well, need to get a second job then to fuel my Coach bag obession!
  5. this just happened to me over the past couple of months - i bought the Miranda and Lily within a few days of each other and i thought, what the hell am I doing, these are 2 of the most expensive bags I have ever bought and i cannot believe i spent this much - I bought them w/ out batting an eyelash too but then i went right back and had to have the Elisa too - i think i am pretty much done for a while, i just cant justify much more.... if i do purchase anything before another PCE, it will be under $500 bucks w/ tax - it has to be and even while typing this i feel guilty about it.... while I know Coach bags are for the most part very good quality, i am just not sure how many more bags I will purchase over the $500 mark any more. When I put it into perspective of, we could have gone on a cruise for the amount of monies i have recently spent on bags.... that opened my eyes a bit too....
    Of course this could all change if I got a 2nd job or worked for Coach.... :smile: Thanks for letting me ramble about my recent thoughts on the prices.... Dont take me wrong, i am not complaining just analyzing the fact of when I thought it was ok to purchase bags over $700 bucks.... i have been a bag collector for years, and I will continue, just not sure what price I am willing to pay anymore
  6. its funny I was thinking the same thing recently. I remember where the top price for a large Coach Bag was 395.00. Now that I have a huse and a morgage its harder to spend tons. I have decided to only purchase something if I really love it and its practical and I will get lots of use out of it.
  7. Yup, I was thinking of this issue too, when suddenly buying a USD400 (in my country, it's thousands) bag is no longer ridiculous for me. Like any other gals, I adore Chanel lambskin bag and LV, but I realize those bags are way out of my budget. But then again, who knows I may have the chance to buy those? *day-dreaming again*
  8. It is sooo costly these days to buy a COACH purse, or any designer purse for that matter. I know that COACH has made a name for themselves (in a short time), maybe they're trying to keep up with competition with the top designers. If this is the case, i'm still not sold with having to pay so much.

    That being said i should also add, I recently bought a GUCCI purse this past summer at a GUCCI boutique and i asked the SA about their warranty. She looked at me REALLY weird and said "One year." And the purse i bought was their signature fabric style-- the thing is NOT treated like COACH is. Now you would think with GUCCI's reputation that they would stand behind their product better than that! COACH's guarantee and warranty has me more at ease with the money i spend in their store, but i agree ladies, they do keep going up higher and i just don't see why. :sad:
  9. true but coach is relatively affordable compared to other designers such as the aforementioned gucci
  10. Coach, like any business, wants to maximize profits and you can't blame them for that. But there is a fine line between maximum profits and the place where sales just fall off so much that it's time to bring the cost down-I've seen this happen in another "luxury" company (not handbags) and they had to drive their prices down just to pick up the sales. I don't know where that line is for Coach because I don't know anything about who they are marketing too, etc. We'll have to wait and see how this goes for them I guess.

    Part of me is also saying that just because you CAN raise prices doesn't necessarily mean it's the right thing to do. There is a point where you are just soaking people and that doesn't look good for anyone. I'm sure the profit margin on this stuff is obscene-time will tell where the ceiling is on it.
  11. All the designer handbags have seen huge price increases over the past two years, so I think we're just used to it. I keep reminding myself that $600 is actually a lot less than what I pay for other designer brands. But I think as long as they know we'll keep buying them, they will keep raising the prices. I've resolved to be a lot more picky about what bags I buy. Instead of getting 2 or 3 a season, I only get one now.

    I think there is a cut off point regarding price and quality though. I think once you go above the $500 price point, the quality of all bags is really similar, its only the name you're paying extra for.
  12. I'm trying to stay under $450...because, really? Sometimes reality hits and you realize that even spending $150 for a purse IS kind of ridiculous (i'm not knocking it, i'm guilty!!!). As long as you don't just spend beyond your means without giving it a second thought, I think it's okay.
  13. The most expensive bag I've purchased so far is my Legacy Slim tote, but I bought it on eBay for $272 (retail $478). I guess I'm more of a "thrifty" Coach shopper...probably not their ideal customer. But I'm also younger (under 30) and just getting started with my obsession...I mean, collection.
  14. ^^ Good for you kphillips! That's the direction I'm heading. eBay and PCE to bring my spending down and I may only purchase now during PCE if I keep getting invites and am able to continue finding stores that will do phone orders. When that stops, I stop! I have 2 bags that I bought during PCE, 3 bags that I got off ebay for just around $100 or so (2 canvas slim flaps and a carly demi!) and one I paid full price for (white leather slim flap; only 5 left in JAX so I had to do it!). Because of the price increases, I too am becoming a thrify Coach shopper! My addiction is a bit more under control now! LOL! Now if I could just curb my accessory addiction!
  15. I started out with just the outlet and ebay. I didn't go to the boutique often until I started getting the PCE. When I started about 5 years ago, $150 seemed like a decent price for a good bag. When the legacy 2006 came out, I knew I was going to spend a bit more because I just fell in love with those bags. Now I think $400 or less is a good deal.