random thought-Converse with skinny jeans?

  1. I saw a picture of one of my friends wearing Converse sneakers with straight/skinny jeans. What do you guys think of that? I'm trying to find the perfect sneaker to wear with my skinny jeans but it's so hard to not look chunky.
  2. That look sounds fine to me.
  3. Yeah, it does to me too. I've seen people wearing skinny jeans with Converse and I thought it looked cool.
  4. Only if you're going for a grunge-cool look. You gotta wear a rock&roll tee to make the look work.
  5. Just make sure you are wearing a long top with the skinnies to balance it all out. I personally would never wear converse with skinnies, but I have size 7 (Uk) feet and it looks daft!
  6. I think it sounds ok, very trendy indeed.
  7. my friend does it all the time and it looks great on her. it looks weird on me though.
  8. A colleague does it all the time, and she always looks cute :yes:
  9. It´s a bit rock n roll, but if you are rock n roll, it´s hot!
  10. I think it really depends on your body type. If you are thin and have long legs, go for it.
  11. I wear my Jack Purcell (converse) tennis shoes with skinny jeans AND above the ankle skinny pants.... I love this look. Very casual...and fun...
  12. i don't know I think the style's a bit emo...
  13. Agree! If that's what you're going for, it would be fine.
  14. Yeah I definitely tried that look today when I went shopping and it DID NOT work...you really do have to have long and thin legs otherwise you look really chunky.
  15. :shrugs: i've been thinking about wearing my skinny jeans also with my converse but my converse are high tops, will it still look ok?