Random Tano Thoughts

  1. ^^AWESOME! And while I am, indeed, a shoulder bag gal...this bag is too cool to pass on.... hehe and the price is beyond right. TE: do you remember demensions or a rough guess? :heart:
  2. Voodoo -- GET THAT BAG!!! $40 are you kidding me? That is like a week's worth of Starbucks.
  3. ^^She's mine!!! Seller wants a money order so I'll mail it to her tomorrow.... I'll post lots of pics of her when she arrives!
  4. Voodoo, you continue to amaze me!
  5. OMG, where did you ever find that bag?!!!! I've never seen that one! It's gorgeous! Make sure to post lots of pics!! :smile: I hope this purchase took care of that itch to buy a new bag-lol! Yes/No???? ;)
  6. It didn't hurt hahaha But I already know that I'm gonna HAVE to have something other than just raspberry and grape (my pre-order colors) so ...I don't know...we'll see haha I promised myself NOTHING else til Friday :lol:
  7. ^^^ Voodoo - Wow! What a find! That's awesome!!

    I have to say that this forum is really bad for my paypal account. My love for Tano is increasing rapidly!!! I actually just snagged an olive Smooch from eBay on Sunday night for 59.99 shipped. I couldn't pass up the price! Now, how to hide it from DH, who now works from home and thinks I'm on a ban???? :nuts:
  8. You ladies crack me up. I love that we all enable each other and help hide bags. And because I wouldn't want either of you to get in trouble with your DH, I will gladly offer to help you out. Just send them to me for safe keeping. :angel:
  9. LOL!!! Actually, DH just told me that he has to work at the office tomorrow, so hopefully the Smooch will arrive tomorrow and I can hide it before he gets home. :jammin:
  10. ^^You sound just like me!!
    And Voodoo, that Inferno is GORGEOUS!!!! Congratulations on the great find.
  11. OMG you ladies crack me up! I'm willing to hide tanos in my apartment as well!

    No hubby or bf for me so I don't have to justify my purchases to anyone!

    However... my coworker Eddie asks ALL the time "Is that a new bag?" "Buy any new bags lately?" but he does this to make himself feel better about his addiction to electronics! LOL Also, my mother would absolutely DIE if she knew how many bags I have/have gotten since I moved to a different state lol! Oh well, that's why I have jobs and have a 4.0 in grad school! What she doesn't know, doesn't hurt her! Doesn't hurt that she lives 1000 miles away either though ;)
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    Well I just put a Cooped up on my watch list on eBay. Not sure if I will pull the trigger though.
    ^^Tyger, I'm also single and with no man to keep track of what I am doing. I am becoming the crazy lady with lots of bags (as opposed to the crazy lady with 100 dogs/cats). Seriously, any man that is going to be with me had better not plan on putting his stuff in MY closet and he needs to get used to seeing the FEDEX/UPS truck!
  13. Rock on sista! And hey, at least with bags you will be fashionable for any date you get to go on ;). And I agree about the closet space! I don't have room for my things let alone his too! I want a handy man that will build me my own closet and accessories closet too! WOO HOO!
  14. kmh and Tygerkitty -- you ladies need to join me and the other fabulous single ladies in the singles community thread in the R and F forum.
    And Tyger, my mom is the same way about me and my purses. She kind of put me on a ban before I went to grad school. Oops.
  15. I am fighting the impulse to buy two Boogies and another Minilisa. I don't really need them. I just want them. There's some old saying about not always getting what you want, right? So why's there this little Tano devil on my shoulder poking me with a hair pin and whispering, "C'mon! Why not?"