Random Tano Thoughts

  1. Here's a spot to just randomly release Tano related thoughts.


    You know you have officially crossed the line to obsession when you spend 20 minutes of your lunch hour clicking each city listed on Craig's List and typing "Tano" in the search.
  2. sounds like a very productive lunch to meee:yes:
  3. Well I've just rediscovered eBay and have been scoping out past season bags. You know you are obsessed when you are sneaking around on the internet at work and are scoping out bags when you are on a ban! The only thing that keeps me from breaking the ban on eBay is the fact that the live.com 25% discount isn't working.
  4. During my snow day (actually, on the Gulf Coast it is a tropical storm day), I have been goofing off all over the 'net. There are some really really really expensive (and some pretty atrocious) bags out there. Makes me appreciate my little collection all the more.
  5. When I see a scarf in a store or a bag charm... my first thought is ohhh that would look great on my ____ tano / or gosh I need to get a ____ tano, because that charm would look so HOT on it!!
  6. I am quickly becoming obsessed with Tanos! Earlier in the year it was diaper bags, but now that I only have one left in Pampers it's all about ME! I have my Chicklit, my Boogie, just ordered a French Nanny, and I'll be pre-ordering my Minilisa this week. Is it crazy? Perhaps, but I told DH it's no more crazy than wasting money at the Coach outlet on bags I see just about everyone and their grandma carrying. I like to be an individual and Tano is giving me the perfect opportunity to express myself! Love it!
  7. Thanks for mentioning the live.com not working, I thought it was just me! Any news/info on why, and when it's going to be up again?
  8. ^^Some ladies are reporting that it is working. But it sounds like they are cleaning out their computer cache, toggling for minutes at a time between live.com and eBay in order for the cashback banner to appear on ebay. There are many of us who can't get it to work, so the glitch is not fixed.
  9. It's not crazy - you have come to the right place and have lots of company. Welcome to "Tanonymous"! BTW - there is a thread someplace on this subforum for people to post how many Tanos they have toward a grand total - it sounds like you can really up the count!
  10. Voodoo... I'm pretty sure your lunch break today wasn't your official crossing into Tano obsession!!!! Nice try for a coverup though :p
  11. :rolleyes: I did find the attached tho!! Negotating shipping cost w/ the seller now! haha I emailed it to TE too... I think it's an Inferno from 2005.
  12. Ummmmmmm thats HOT! I want it!
  13. I was REALLY excited when I found it.....yer gonna faint but the seller wants $40 for it haha what a deal eh???
  14. No sh*t!!!!!! Get it!
  15. Yup, thats an inferno. Thats one freakin; hot bag. It's hand carry only, though... dont expect to be carrying it on your shoulder!