Random Sunday Coach Visit

  1. So I decided to take a trip to Coach today on the spur of the moment, which is always fun! I love the new dog carrier they have but it's a little too girly for my puppy so I ended up getting him a new collar! I've had problems with the collar sizing in the past and ended up getting one that I later found out was too big when I tried it on him! So I will be exchanging that tomorrow. I asked about the Thompson line because I wasn't sure if they would be getting it and she said that only the flagship stores will have them and they made them in very limited quantities. I didn't know that so i'm thinking I might need to get that hobo in my signature before it's gone! So I left there with the collar and I ordered the big peony tote and a medium sized bracelet in grass/gold as Christmas gifts for my best friend! I was just so happy that I didn't buy anything for myself! That's very rare!! But there is always tomorrow... :p
  2. We want to see modeling pics of your pup with his new collar (once you exchange it). Congrats on getting the peoney tote! That seems to be a hot item around here!
  3. gotta see the puppy modeling it..
  4. Congrats on the fantastic purchases!