Random sales tax question

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  1. Sorry this is kind of a random question.

    I live in WA state, but am going to San Francisco at the end of the month. In San Francisco I'd like to place an order there for something that I can't get in WA.

    The item will have to be shipped to me in WA where a B&M store of this brand doesn't exist.

    I thought the rule for sales tax is that as long as the company doesn't have a B&M location in the final destination state then you don't have to pay sales tax.

    Will I have to pay tax on this item if it's ordered and paid for in San Francisco, but shipped to WA upon completion of the item?

  2. I don't think you will have to pay tax if the store has no b&m presence in your state..
  3. You shouldn't have to pay the tax. I live in Seattle too and when I was in Vegas I bought something from the YSL boutique. I had it shipped here so I wouldn't have to pay tax.
  4. :yahoo:

    Thank you!!!
  5. ya girl do not worry about the tax, just get there and start shopping ;)
    @love2shop-26 i love you dp ;)
  6. Shipping is paid to the state it is being shipped TO. No matter what.