Random Ridiculousness...Everything Louis Vuitton but they Handbags

  1. I guess some people love the logo so much that they want it in everthing!! lol

    tell me what you think of these
    louis-vuitton-trashbags.jpg lv-ti-janet-jackson-birthday-cakes.jpg
  2. LOVE the cake! Thanks for sharing!
  3. The cake is cute, but that trash bag ?? wtfff lol
  4. I want that cake, lol. I wonder if I should request that for my B-day :party::whistle:
  5. Cake is cute!!
  6. The cake looks great!!! Very well made (the second one anyone). I get the fake trash bag is to carry fake bags??
  7. I'd die laughing if someone ever got me that cake...it's fab!!
  8. cake looks yummy ...
  9. lol @ the fake trash bags.... thats hilarious. I wonder is OA or AO is their initials.

    The cakes would be sooo cute.
  10. The trash bag is silly. But I like the cake and the luggage? is great!
  11. Umm, The cake looks yummy :p
  12. Thanks for sharing...love those cakes. Wonder if I could get an LV cake for my next birthday?
  13. Wow those cakes are good.
  14. I agree, the trash bag is just strange. But the cakes are nice! The 'luggage' is a cake too. If I remember correctly, it was made for an LV event or opening.
  15. I want one of those cakes!!