random rant: i really have zero, ZERO interest going to home depot and rona type of s

  1. stores, it really annoys me when DF drags me along w/ him to these places. I always just sit in the patio section and tell him to get me once he's done. I really dislike going there.
  2. Maybe it's an idea for next time that while's he's there that you go to another store which you like? And that he calls you when he's done.
    Does your DF come along with you when you're going, let's say, to the Chanel boutique? Or does he also wait outside for you?
  3. ....? :confused1:

    I am not quite sure what you are looking for to discuss in this thread...

    However, maybe you should see it as a compliment that he wants you to be there while he picks something out.

    If you really hate going, though, just tell him you don't want to go. If you do that, though, don't expect him to be obligated to come along shopping for other things with you that he may not be interested in. Sometimes you just have to compromise.
  4. I hate going to Home Depot, Lowes and other HI stores too...Ugh! I made the huge mistake of going with my parents to Home Depot to look at kitchen cabinets (major kitchen renovations, we basically threw everything out and started from scratch). We were there for SIX HOURS!!! Never again...lol
  5. Man I cant stand them either unless I am going to pick up plants, patio furniture stuff like that. My dad used to drag me around Home Depot, Builders Square, places like that when I was a kid & remember hating it sooooo much.
  6. overall, DF likes going shopping, but he hates it when i go into the chanel boutiques, becuaes he knows i will always walk out with something...i don't force him to go shopping w/ me at all, typically when we go into say a big department store, i like for us to split up and then meet up later, but he always likes shop "together".
    and where the home depots are located here, there aren't really anything else of interest to me.
  7. Heh, I LOVE going to this shops! I'm a designer so that might have something to do with it. I do think I know how you feel, I HATE going into electronics shops with my SO. He could spend hours just there staring at big screen tvs and the latest cameras and more boring stuff.

    I put up with it because it's the only way I can get him to come see a drama at the cinema (he likes comedies better). He actually likes shopping so no complaints there. I think it's important to at least be there with your DF's 'cause you get to share different interests, and that's what makes it all fun!
  8. I like going to Home Depot and Lowe's too. We just purchased our first home, so it's fun for us to go together and choose things for our new home. My FH is a contractor, so we've always gone there.

    It's funny though, I have had more LV sightings at Lowe's than Home Depot!
  9. Maybe you should tell him nicely to drop you off somewhere at a store you like and he can go on to Home Depot? I have this problem with Dh sometimes. I tag along when he wants to go to Best Buy, etc but when I want to go to Target, Nordstrom, he'll complain! When I tell him I patiently go with him when he wants he shuts up but gets restless :rolleyes:
  10. I hate going to those stores too with a passion!!
  11. seriously, where the home depots are located here, i'm in toronto by the way, there is absolutely nothing of my interest within miles. i've expressed many times my dislike for going to those stores, he still insists i come along. aiy
  12. thank you!
  13. Ha ha, I love going to these stores. Maybe because when I was single I bought a condo and I had no choice but to go to these stores to buy stuff to renovate. But in the end it was worth it to go because my place was beautiful when I was done with it.
  14. I agree - I think it's a huge compliment that he wants you to come along! Instead of sitting and pouting in the patio section (I'm exaggerating there - I'm sure that's not what you are doing), when it's time to go, pack along a bunch of fashion magazines or a book, and cheerfully come along. Tell him you'll be in the patio section chilling and to stop by if he wants your opinion on anything. By showing interest and cooperation in something he enjoys, I think it can only strengthen the love in your relationship. Like the other say - you have to compromise in a relationship. Guys typically compromise whenever we ask them to come see our friends, family, or to watch a chick flick (something they're usually not thrilled about); we compromise by sitting through sporting events, TV, or Home Depot trips. :smile: (I totally understand your pain though, Home Depot bores me to death too!);)