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  1. Long ago, there was this recipe on the side of a cocoa tin. I believe the name was "black magic brownies" and they were delicous! Does anybody remember a recipe from a cocoa (hershey's I believe) tin from the mid 80's I've looked online for the recipe but haven't found it. But maybe I have the name wrong, but I swear magic was in the title and it called for cocoa. Any help is appreciated!
  2. I vaguely remember this too. But I can't be of any help, unfortunately.
  3. ^^At least I didn't hallucinate this! :P
  4. Why don't you try emailing customer service at Hershey, maybe they will be able to help you out. If you do find any info please post the recipe, it sounds delish!
  5. Are you sure it was a brownies recipe?? I just found one that was for "black magic cake" which had hershey's cocoa powder in the recipe. If you think that might be it let me know and I'll post the recipe :smile:
  6. I also found one called brownie bites with magic frosting...
  7. ^^^holl798g thanks for looking for me. I looked at both those recipes, but the black magic cake has coffee and I'm positive it was brownies did not have coffee. And the brownies, did not have a frosting. (I did an online search on magic brownies and ooh boy some of those recipes!:P)
    ladyzee as for e-mailing hershey's that's a good idea and I've thought of it, but I was concerned that I didn't even have the name right. I've been to their website, but haven't seen the recipe listed. I think I will just e-mail them and give them a timeline for when the recipe may have appeared on their containers and see if they can come up with anything. I just hope I don't get in trouble for asking about magic brownies! :rolleyes:

    Thanks everybody who has responded and I'll post the recipe if I find it!